Free ADVFN Level 2 Prize


We're very pleased to announce that from this month onwards the winner of our monthly share competition will win 3 months of free ADVFN Basic Level 2 access in addition to an exclusive T2W tshirt.

The UK Basic Level 2 service which normally costs £39.99 + vat a month provides:

1. Unlimited real-time UK prices.
2. Limited real-time live Level 2 info from the LSE consisting of the full order book for SETS stocks and a complete list of market maker quotes for other listed equities.
3. Access to ADVFN's Premium BB.
4. UK historical data downloads
5. Company reports and key fundamentals and ADVFN's unique search and filtering tools
6. Multiple streaming prices pages - up to 5 simultaneously.

Hopefully this adds an extra incentive to the competition which has seen an increased level of participation in recent months.

Now that has to be the deal of the year. How on earth did you pull that one off? Next step, a free rt feed.......?
Hey Sharky, that's really cool! But if the winner gets free L2 surely he stands a better chance of winning again as he can make even better decisions cheaper! ADVFN might end up owing the same guy multiple 3 months free L2!
Not that I'm complaining....

I don't use Level II, can I have 5 free dances at Stringy's instead, works out 20 quid cheaper too. As long as we get fair prices mate I'm not bothered.