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Would really appreciate if someone could provide a solution to the following problem:
After switching on pc the following white text appears on black background

com codepage prepare((850)
c:/>windows /command eaga.cpi
mode prepare code page function completed
c:/>mode con codepage select=850
mode select code page completed
c:/>keyb uk,, c:/windows
command/keyboard system sys

This is a pemanent message - even when pressing ctrl-alt- delete , the computer restarts then brings up this message.

Wondering if a boot disc would help from another pc- or would the orginal boot disc have to come from the 'problem' computer?

Any help would be greatly appreciated
It's a normal boot up display, showing you what is being executed from autoexec.bat and config.sys files. It's the first thing the PC does before going into windows. There is a way to disable the messages, but it's so long since I played with Win98/95 I've forgotten. Nothing to worry about unless your PC isn't booting to Windows.....
Hi Chartman/oatman
Thanks for your replies. The problem is that the pc isn't booting to windows (i'm using a different cmputer at moment).
Any ideas how i can get tround this- migt it be worthwhile trying a start up (boot ) disc from another computer?
So what happens after those messages appear?....
You could try pressing F8 as it boots and select "safe mode". IF this boots, to windows then there is a problem with your drivers etc. Have you been hit by a virus?
Hi Chartman,
The message is permanent. However did try pressing f8 and the following menu appeared:
microsoft windows 98 start up menu
1- normal
2 logged
3 safe mode
4 step by step confirmation
5 command prompt only
6 safe mode comand prompt only

followed by enter a choice
f5 = safe mode
shift+f5 = command prompt
shift +f8= step by step confimation

Any ideas?- many thanks for your help.
Hi Oatman
System runs windows 98- nothing seems to happen when any of the options are pressed- i'll check out the web site you've provided.
select 3 for ( safe mode) then press enter....
Does it go into windows now?

If not, type WIN ( + enter)

from the c>: prompt type DIR ( return)

can you see a directory called windows?