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I recently purchased a new computer and it had been working fine until a couple of days back.
This is what happened. (n.b. I have emailed the company that I bought the computer, but as yet they have not responded).

When I switched on the machine and started to boot it up, i noticed that the system reported that the processor was 1.25ghz (instead of 1.66ghz).

Then the following information was displayed

Auto-detecting Primary Master IDE Hard Disk
Auto-detecting Primary Slave not detected
Auto-detecting Sec Master ATAPI CDROM
Auto-detecting Sec Slave ATAPI CDROM

Primary Master A93.05 Maxtor 6L060J3 Ultra DMA Mode - 5, Smart Capable but disabled

Sec Master : 1.05 Aopen CD-RW CRW4048 1.05 20020605
Sec Slave : 43 DVDROM

CMOS Settings Wrong
CMOS Memory Size Wrong

Press F1 to run set-up or load default values and continue

Upon seeing this I selected load default values and continue. Windows began to load and then the screen went blank.

I restarted the computer and experience the same messages.

This time I went into set-up (not that I know much about this sort of thing!), and noticed that the date and time was set incorrectly. This was the only thing that I changed and then saved these changes.
Windows began to load then I received another message saying that a problem with loading windows had been experienced. I was given several options to choose from. i selected the option to load windows with the last known working setttings.

Windows successfully loaded but I was then told that the system had recovered from a serious error. I check under my computer and the processor still is being shown as 1.25ghz instead of 1.66ghz.

The pc is currently working, but obviously there is still a problem.
My brother suggested that is probably a problem with the motherboard.

Anyone else have any opinions??

The CMOS battery is faulty/low voltage, causing the CMOS memory to lose it's settings. The CPU speed has defaulted back to 100Mhz and needs to be set to 133 Mhz. IF this is a new motherboard, I would insist it is changed. The cmos battery should last at least a few years. You can set the bIOS to "default" but you will stiil need to set the CPU speed.
There is an outside chance that this is just a one off glitch, but I doubt it.
thanks Chartman for such a quick and useful response.

do you think I can continue to use the PC, until I can return to the supplier?