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As some of you may know, we’ve been working on a new section for T2W that we hope will grow to become as least as useful as the forums.

It is tentatively called “T2W Traders’ Knowledge” (any alternative suggestions welcome).

Take a look at our preview web page here: Forex Knowledge Topic

The plan is that, like the forums, this will be very much a community resource - its success will depend on part by the extent to which members find it useful and contribute – so please comment on what you would like to see, as it is still a work in progress.

One of the key feature of Traders’ Knowledge is that all T2W members are encouraged to publish their articles on the site. Anyone can submit an article on any trading topic – the more that do the better! In addition we'll be inviting a wide range of ‘guest authors’ to share their expertise and we hope this will become a valuable (but still free) resource as well as providing a few talking points for the boards.

Moreover, the new section will go further to be a great source of information on all the various topics of trading with an introduction to each topic, links to external articles, recommended forum threads and all that’s out there on the web (brokers, books, websites etc).

As we're sure you're aware, the forums are full of nuggets of information that can be forgotten as threads disappear from the front page. The plan is that Traders Knowledge will act as a navigational hub for each trading topic, with members maintaining and rating categories of links – allowing a user to see at a glance what other resources fellow members are using.

So that you get an idea of what we have in mind, we've prepared the preview page linked above. As you can see, each topic page will contain a number of different sections – one for articles published on T2W, and then various categories of links including external articles on the web, recommended T2W forum threads, other websites and even other (cough) forums. Everything will be rated by members and you will be able to see at a click what is most popular.

We’re hoping there will be enough interest to justify a number of topic pages – which will (roughly) correspond with the existing forum categories. Our suggested list of topic pages is on the left of the sample, but this is open to revision once we get some feedback.

We think Traders’ Knowledge will probably work best if each topic page has a member as an ‘editor’ in much the same way as exist at present for the forums, but this will only work if there is sufficient interest – so if anyone would like to help out either with contributions, as an editor or otherwise please either contact us or post comments to this thread. We appreciate editors will be volunteers and so will try and structure the role so that it is not too time consuming. We may even be able to persuade Sharky to include one or two perks!

I hope all that is clear, if not please post your questions on this thread! We'd also welcome any further feedback whilst we're still putting this thing together, so let us know what you think and we'll try incorporate your ideas.


Hopefully we can assume from the lack of any response that our ideas for the new section of the site are spot on, and there's nothing more to add. Although I suspect not!

Anyway, to give everyone a visual kick, here's the web page previewed above, attached as a thumbnail. We're aiming to go live in December with the new section, and are currently working hard on the technical side of things behind the scenes, so as Daniel mentioned any feedback we get now really can make a difference to the final result!


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Looks good to me. I suspect most members think it's a good idea. It'll be easier to comment on when it's up and running.
Glad to hear it Martin, things are shaping up nicely. We've had a very good response from potential contributers to author articles for the new section, plus we're still on course for a December launch. Initially we may roll out a standalone articles section first, and then filter these into the proposed topic format of the knowledge section which will be supplemented with a growing library of knowledge, the initial framework of which was discussed in Daniel's first post.

In the meantime, if any members would be willing to write an article for the launch of the new section (which would help to ensure we can really make a splash), then please email [email protected], and Daniel will be able to discuss with you the types of article we're looking for, and give you a copy of our submission guidelines.
looks excellent. as oatman says most comment will come when it's up and running.
Thought my previous post was a bit of a cop-out!!

One thought that occurs to me is that there should be a link to T2W Guides (Forex in the example) since I thought the guides were excellent and provided a very good overview . I'm not sure whether you envisage that most of the information in the Guides would be incorporated into Traders Knowledge or whether you envisage the Guides continuing to run as separate features. I think the latter (with the suggested link) would be preferable.
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Thanks barjon

We're aiming for a mix of articles for the various pages so that as well as something for more experienced traders, there's also at least one article covering each topic which will serve as an 'introduction' for the beginner.

You're right about the existing editors' guides - there's a lot of good stuff there already and a lot of work went into them. To be honest, we haven't decided how exactly they should be presented from the new section. I think your suggestion is a good one and they'll probably stay where they are with a link from the relevant page.

BTW if anyone wants a copy of the Submission Guides could you include your email details when you pm me.
Glad to hear it Roguetrader, we've had an excellent response so far and some great ideas for articles - so thanks to everyone who's already volunteered.

As I said before if anyone is interested in writing an article for the launch of the new section (which would help to ensure we can really make a splash), then please email [email protected], and Daniel will be able to discuss with you the types of article we're looking for, and give you a copy of our submission guidelines.