The New T2W Guides to Trading!


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I'm pleased to announce the imminent arrival of a new T2W Guide to Trading. Our next guide will be edited by RogerM and cover Options Trading.

Many thanks to Roger for volunteering to edit this guide. Many people will already know Roger from the recent Traders Day event where he made a short presentation about Options trading.

Since we currently have a combined Futures, Options and Warrants forum - we will be splitting this up and creating a single forum to discuss Options trading.


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Thanks this time to Rognvald who has agreed to become the forum editor for not one but two forums, namely Software and Data Feeds. Two topics that are in many ways closely related.

As you can tell, we've so far had a great response from people willing to help. I'm really pleased how well the new guides have been received - and I'm looking forward to seeing them develop over the coming months. If you'd like to be a part of it, then please do drop me an email at [email protected]


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I'm once again pleased to announce the immenient arrival of two more T2W guides to trading.

Quercus has very kindly agreed to edit the Indices Guide, and Rossored was not content with editing just the First Steps Guide, he's also volunteered to edit a new Techies Guide.

Many thanks to all our volunteers forum editors - already the guides have got off to a great start with some really good information contained within them, and the prospect of developing over the next few months into invaluable resources of information for anyone researching the area of topic they cover.

As always we are constantly on the look out for new editors. So if you think you can spare a little time to help give back something to your fellow traders - then please don't hesitate to contact me.

The following forums still remain without an editor:

UK & Euro Shares
US Stocks
Trading Strategies
Trading Systems (Free & Commercial)
Position & Swing Trading
Trading for a Living
Technical Analysis & System Trading
Level II
Economic & Fundamental Analysis
Money & Risk Management
Trading Psychology
CFDs, Spread & Fixed-Odds Betting
Direct Access & Stock Brokers
Trading Resources


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Just thought you may want to add as a broker. Quite good with lots of resources for its members. an IB of theirs is also a good site for beginners.




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Just caught up with this thread, excellent!
Sadly I won't be following the forums for several days due to other pressures. :cry:
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