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This week, former sumo wrestler Konishiki prepares to make his opera debut in a Tokyo production of Die Fledermaus. What's being said (or sung)?

I think with the Elephant suppository, we've gone too far the other way!
"When I said my nerves were making me sh1t bricks, you thought I was kidding?"
" It may look daft but there weren't no way I was climbing a Trellis." WITH THANKS TO SKIMBLESHANKS
"I know the whole cast agreed to put our Chocolate in the Fridge but can't you think of another way to thaw it?"
But soft, what light through yonder window breaks
it is the east and Juliet is her name.

Oh god, she's brought her mother !
" When we said you had to project, we didn't mean your piles."
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"A Wrestler becoming a Singer? That's like a Bar-Steward becoming deputy Prime-Minister!"
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