BBC Caption competition

" How much is that dolly in the window.
The one with the waggly tail ?"
" I do hope that dolly's for sale"

apologies to Alma Cogan ?
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Stand clear, Mr Creosote is in town again!

They only had pantomine dresses up to size 12

I can't hold up the wall for much longer!

Oh no! he's just sat on the relief valve

Japanese start to inflate Sumu Wrestler balloon to acheive world height record

Sorry, I must be getting carried away with all these captions!
Car Key
are you gonna post the winning entries ?

How do you reckon we did against the best the bbc could find.
Car Key
Where did you get to ? You seemed to disappear for a day.
No contributions from you. ?

Did you get done for loitering with intent ?
no chance, i'm incredibly stealthy when i'm keying up cars

i make a Ninja look like a sumo wrestler at the opera :D
This weeks caption
There must be lots of ideas for this one ?
<img src="">
right now if I move Campbell to the Treasury and Hoon
to Social Security, I think I can get a stale mate.
what would you do dear ?
cherie: 'don't move, i've lost my thong!'

tony: ' forget about your thong! i've still got a hard-on! pretend we're admiring these rocks!'
"Master of all I survey. At last"

"Yes dear, anything you say dear. Do you have the car keys ?"
"Ingenious people, these Chinese. Turning aborted female foetuses into paper-weights."
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