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Hi guys

the question i have is this, is it possible to set my computer windows xp home edition to automatically start and then open the sierra and ib feed. the reason i ask this question is because i have to work until 6pm uk time and am looking to trade the dowmini. As i am of the understanding that the ib feed does not upload the back data the same as mytrack.
am i correct in the ib fed not back dating? if so is it poss to do the above.
cheers guys,
nick :confused:
I think it probably is, but for a less techy solution, why not just switch it on before you go to work?

Because you have to enter name and password in IB to log on I don't think it is possible, unless you have a auto log facility. As far as I am aware this doesn't exist. Though I would love to be proved wrong on this.

Wysi has probably the best solution. My comp goes on at 7.40 am and stays on all day whether I am trading or not.

The lack of historical data with IB is somewhat of a pain though.
Hiya Options

Prepare to be proven wrong :cheesy:

Have a look at Under version 38 it is possible to get everything logged in. I know GreyingSurfer was trying to do it at one stage and I'm not sure how it turned out. It is possible but it might need a degree in computer engineering :(


PS: Options, hope your keeping well m8 :)
thanx Toon a useful little utility that took very little downloading. saves all that boring log-in. any security issue? I suppose if someone nicked my pc they could have fun at my expense until I contacted IB.