network card probs


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hello people,
i hope you can help, i've just had a network card installed.
computer No1 (card installed into this machine) is an xp version.
computer No2 is windows 98.
i have sierra & mytrack installed on both and since the network card has been installed (today) i can only get a connection to mytrack through the No2 computer, the No1 computer keeps on trying to reconnect to mytrack but with no success. please please help i was hoping to study tonight :cry:
cheers nick
quick note

just to add some more info
it also appears that the No2 com has network card in it and that the ntl broadband connection(modem) which is on com No1 is putting the feed through com No2 first then diverting back through com No 1 is this correct? :confused: ?
cheers nick

I am not sure that this will help but I had a similar problem with NTL on one of my PCs. In the end it was incompatibility of the card with Windows XP and I had to change the network card. The one that didnt work was a Netgear card (I had 2 cards and both didnt work). The card that did work was an SMC one which was also cheaper as well.

You could try deleting the other card from the Control Panel / system menu and then rebooting your PC

I wish you good luck

PC No 1 ( the XP machine) should be set up to be the main connection to your BB modem. Then setup the two pcs to be "a small home network" Set the second pc to access the internet via lan setting.
If you're stuck, you can ring me at work on 01 252 515 666.....
hi Paul & chartman,
first of all thank you for your advice :)

chartman, as you suggested i disabled the firewall on both machines but still could not get a connection.
and also chatted to mytrack they said its a hardware problem
and that i need to have the xp pc as the feed and the 98 pc as the slave,which you also said :cool:
could i please ask your advice once again.
i have spoke to the chaps at ntl they said about a linksys network hub :confused: would this be the way to go and how easy is this to set up :confused: again.
i would like to have a go at setting this up myself this time as i'm good with a spanner or if needs be a HAMMER!!.

cheers nick
Hi Nick,

I am not sure I can help here, I do use a network hub (Netgear) and it does allow me to network the PC. If you have a network hub then the software that comes with it should sort you out. Hopefully Chartman will be of more help.

All The Best