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The failure I experienced with ActivTrades happened on futures a long time ago, before they provided CFD-Forex
They let my account hold ghost positions that my platform would not display. Despite my expressed doubts during 1 week, they weren’t able to check my positions correctly and let my balance drop in negative territory for many thousands, which is normally technically impossible due to exchange and broker margins.
I signed an agreement to not reveal this failure during many years after they agreed to refund me only 50% of my losses. Scary and worrying incompetency if you ask me

This was technical issue, It can happened to everyone, from time to time. The important thing is how often and how will they fix it, if it was me, I would demand more than 50%. I don`t think you can make conclusion based on single events long time ago. I am not defending them I monitor closely the execution in every broker that I am using and I assume that every one of them will try to do something against my interest . For example last week I had 6$ slippage on Gold in Darwinex on one of my trades
Here is their answer
Thanks for your message, I am sorry to hear you experienced slippage in your trade.

Kindly note that your trade was filled with slippage because of market volatility when your trade was executed. Below you can find a screenshot of the candle on the MT4 chart at 10:00 MT4 server time, which is precisely when your order was filled.

Going forward, I would recommend reviewing a news calendar to avoid wide spreads during news releases (e.g.

I know you are an experienced trader, but still I hope this article and / or this webinar prove helpful to understand why slippage takes place in OTC markets and what traders can do to avoid it.

I am very sorry we could not be of further assistance this time. "


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Is it this?
Trackrecords are pretty a shit, nothing decent beyond 700 days of lenght, much worse than Darwinex or Alpari.
If you were an investor which PAMM would you explore?
Is there anything bigger than Alpari?
Yes this one.
I am not an investor I am a trader. I would not trust anybody else to manage my money although I have seen very good strategy curves on Darwinex. The question is also how real are they, since they have changed RM and VAR several times.


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The question is also how real are they, since they have changed RM and VAR several times.
I agree but when you have a native (non migrated) profitable trackrecord of 3-5 years it is still profitable and long, no matter the changes in var and RM.

Even if we consider only the point of view of the traders, pro traders are smart money that goes to the best place.
If a pro works with a broker it means the broker is honest and has a good technology.
AFAIK there are several traders working both with Darwinex and AlpariPAMM .
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@Viro Major @itstradingtime : I just found this thread of an awesome trader who aims and demonstates to get fund of all FTMO, Enfoid and AxiSelect, MyForexFund. . He now got 3 account 100k $ of FTMO, 1 account 200k $ of MyForexFund and 100k aud of AxiSelect.
It's very interesting and inspiring

This is a very intensive tip from him for dealing with the challenges.
I was asked how do I go about tackling the 10% challenge on another thread. Plus, personally got some PMs about it. So, I will post my thoughts here so it’s all in one place.

Firstly, the challenge of getting 10% in about 20 trading days is tough - really tough no doubt about it. Very, very few (if any) can consistently get 10% each calendar month unless you are an elite super trader. I am not one of them. Sure, I have had 10%+ months but you can’t rely on them and certainly don’t know at the outset of the month what the final return will be.

But I do have a reasonably level of consistency in my trading each month to know that 5%+ months come along reasonably regularly. In my personal account for October just finished I hit 5.96% for example – a reasonable month for me and I’d be very happy to get that each month. If you have $600k in funded accounts that would amount to a pay-out of around $25k - I can live off that
But of course you have to get those funded accounts in the first place to be in a position to earn those returns. That is what inspires me to commit to the journey I am documenting here. The point I am making here is that you only must get the 10% for the challenge. After that you can trade as you would normally and make fantastic money.

So how do you go about it, knowing that from the outset, hitting 10% is unlikely? Here’s my thoughts on the matter and how I tackle it for my trading style. You’ll possibly have to adapt it to fit in with how you trade.

First a bit of context – I trade typically from 2-5 trades a day, averaging just over 3 a day. I trade every day of the week in a normal week.

In my challenge account I will risk a fixed 1% per trade of the original starting balance. So max loss $1,000 per trade on a $100k challenge account. Before I enter a trade I need to see the potential for at least a 1.5 R trade. (ie. profit of $1,500). That is the absolute minimum and ideally it will be a lot more. But I never ever set a take profit level (TP) on my trades – I monitor the trades when it trades at my predetermined target levels so see how they price action is going. If it is stalling I will exit for a profit, but if it looks as though it could go further I will move stops to break even and revaluate later and repeat if stops should be moved to lock in profits. (Tip - by not having a TP, the advantage is that if there is a price shock in your favour and you get an extreme move you can close out for big profits which you would miss by having a TP set. Tilts the odds more in your favour I have found over the years).

Now as I have said before, it is unlikely you hit 10% in a month. Not impossible but unlikely. But hopefully I can be going into the last week of trading with a reasonable profit (the higher the better). That is reasonable expectation for me, and I would hope for most traders who are attempting the challenge. You need to show consistency in been profitable to even attempt the challenge in the first place. Thus what I start to do in the last days I get more aggressive by increasing the risk per trade to say 2% (could be even more the closer I get if I am running out of time). The key thing here to remember is whatever you do, do not risk too much that your profits turn negative. That is the determining factor in how much you can increase the risk to. As long as you are positive for the challenge you get a free shot next month.

The key thing to think about is that is pointless having a 8% winning month on the challenge and say look how good I did, I was very close to passing. Close gets you nothing! End result is it is exactly the same as someone earning $1 of profit. Both are positive so you get a free go. So use the money you have built up to really have a go at it, in the last week. Say I am say sat 6% going into my last day. I could decide to risk 4% on the next trade as an extreme. I only need a 1 R trade to earn the 4% needed to push me over the 10% target. More likely though, knowing that I trade typically 3 times a day. First trade of the day I could risk 2% - if I get a 2R trade it earns me the 4%, again I have hit the 10% target. If I fail, my account still sits at 4%. So next trade I could risk 3% knowing a 2R trade will still get me the now 6% extra I need to take the account to 10%. If I fail my account still sits at 1%, still well in profit to get the free challenge next month.

Of course, all the above is only possible if you can trade well, build a buffer of profits up and go for it in the last day(s) of the challenge. If it fails, do the same the following month with the free go. Repeat until you pass. Hope the above makes sense. It’s using a controlled aggressive risk approach playing with the profits and knowing in the challenge earning $9,999 is treated the same as winning $1. Both fall short, and both give you a free retry. Use that basic math to your advantage.

For others who think props firms are only for naive and inexperienced traders, please ingore this!
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yeah, thx for sharing, that’s what I had in mind anyway, and I already use a close process for my own trading the spirit
but a lot more tighter stoplosses (1% is fucking loose) so I guess it leaves me some margin room for these contests

I’m stopping the distraction of investing. Will focus on trading only ...and less talking which has zero value except when gathering new factual info. The rest is brain wanking
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