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Hi Hguys & gels.

Ever since USA suffered the power failure last week, my AIQ charts/data have been haywire. FTSE, CAC & DAX are now OK but I still ahve flat line charts for DOW & S&P (not for the first time). Does anyone else have the same problem? Does anyone know if deleting the programme and re-inputting will solve it? Or will the repairs come through automatically for Monady's Business day?

Any long term, experienced AIQ users advice welcome.


I had this very same problem last week, and the problem is this : if you go to the first point on your charts where the error occurs, and go to "edit data" or whatever the setting is on AIQ (I had the issue with Sierra) you will no doubt see that the decimal point is in the wrong place : for example, I had a high at 9225.67890 but the low was at 92.2456789 - hence the massive flatline you refer to.

I was able to solve the problem by having a fellow trader send me the files, which I just copied into my directory and that sorted it : I'll be happy to post them but they're in Sierra's ".mnd" format, so I dont know if they'll be of any use, but they sorted it right out. Either that, or you've got the manually edit all the data yourself, which will not be a pleasant job.

So best bet, find someone else who's got AIQ and get them to upload or mail you the data files.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Matt,

Trackdata, now admit to losing data from Fridays business for the Dow & S&P. Apparently, there're still try to fix the problem!

You were right, the decimal place is incorrectly placed on the 'low'.

I'm no techie, so I won't ask you to send files, thanks for the offer anyway.

right click on corupt chart........add or amend new price......should solve problem....I assume it's with live charts thus currently 10minutes plus will be corrupt....If you want any data etc let me know...
Thanks BramleyMan,

That info will be useful if (when) it happens again.

You probably know by now that AIQ did finally get most of the charts fixed late afternoon. All's well that ends well. Eventually!