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I am sure that the instructions are here somewhere but I can't find them! Can comeone please tell me how to add a chart to a posting?

chart posting:

1. If you cant save your chart as a Gif , get the chart view up you want.Press "alt and print screen". this copies the chart to the clipboard.

2. Open Paint Shop Pro or Paint, or any other image editing package you mayhave installed.

3 Press "ctrl and v" to paste the image.

4. Do "file save as" a gif so you dont have to copy and paste again if you make a mistake cropping the image.

5. Select "crop" to remove any unwanted part of the image.

6. Save as gif again.

7. Select "reply/new thread" on the BB

8. Goto bottom and click "insert image"( forget exact words)

9. A popup box comes up select "browse" and select the gif you saved click "upload" file then highlight the string that comes up "img" etc select the text box of the thread on the BB
do "edit paste" submit.

If when you view the thread the picture is too wide, you can go back into psp and "resize". a pixel width of about 650 seems to work

NB. Once you have posted a gif,you can't re-post it by editing. You have to delete the thread or a reply.

Hope this helps.
Thanks Martin. just testing!

C:\My Documents\Charting Group\Charts\wkp030301.gif
OK Try again.

Hmmmmmmm. Following instructions to the letter. Any idea what I may be doing wrong?
My mistake!

Hi RogerM,

You and Chartman were spot on with the instructions on adding charts to posts. The reason it wasn't working was for some reason I had the option to show images turned off in this particular forum - an oversight on my part. So now you will see your charts are showing correctly. The only problem as I'm sure you can see is the charts are soo big they mean you have to scroll the page right to see all of it. If it's possible you might want to descrease the size of the chart or shrink the image, though this often leads to an illegible chart.

Soon, we'll be upgrading the Bulletin Board, and this will allow you to not only display images but attach files - which may prove a more successful alternative to displaying large images within a thread. Though I do find it convenient to see the chart as I read member's posts.

Thanks Sharky. With AIQ format, the sizing would seem to be OK provided that I don't maximise the chart on screen before saving the .gif.
Hi All
This is just a test to see if my charts post O.K.

Good luck

P.S. I don't hold a position in this one


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