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Instructions.. instructions.. and more instructions just to make one small suggestion.... Ahhh..

Ok .. my suggestion may be around here somesplace but I've not heard of it mentioned in any of the many post I have read, so I'll request it here.

Provide a TEST area that new people can use to practice posting the many ways there are to add attached files or color the parts of text .. or add links to another URL etc etc.. Make all practice post auto delete in 24 or 48 hours. Try any thing you like here and not to worry how bad it turns out.

I've 3 cousins that live near Landcaster.. they also seen to have a mind set against a play\practice area in life and would prefer everyone struggle thru pages of instructions for each item.
(It's the proper way..ya know ole chap) Bull.. it's easier not to post at all and go to another URL.

I guess it's part of the differance in mindsets between different countries.. Let the sucker rip over
here attitude (me) doesn't like the struggle with pages of your instructions.
There are others also. I'll try a PASTE of someones else struggle below:......
Originally Posted by skinstg
PS can anyone tell me how I get other peoples quotes to appear in the blue as everyone else does???
On the 'reply to thread' screen you will see 3 drop down menus for font, size and color. Use the 'color' menu to alter the colour of selected text:
1) Highlight text you wish to colour.
2) Click the colour menu.
3) Select the colour you wish to use.
The coding will automatically be inserted around your highlighted text.
-------------->> This clogs the discussion.......... ----->> Go 2 the practice area??

Ya, so I've let off a little steam about so many instructions... agpilot
Thanks for the suggestion Agpilot - the new T2W Sandpit is now open for business. Feel free to create test threads, posts, polls etc and pretty much test out any of the features - these won't appear on the front page or in the search facility.