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Hi all,
Struggling with setting up Q charts.
If I open a new window I am unable to drag the chart across to my second monitor. I'm sure this function must be available, I guess I'm just being thick.
Also, I know how to export a chart for posting here, but I would also like to add my own text to the chart before posting it. How would I go about doing this?


Hi hampy,

With regard to dragging a new window to your 2nd screen I think the only way you can do it is to extend the workspace across both screens.
Can,t help you with the other bit cos I don't know myself.

Kind regards

I run Qcharts across two of my three monitors. As with all programs, you need to minimise it first, then drag the side and top out to fit the screen space on the two monitors. If you use the maximise buttom it just reverts to one monitor.

Then remember to save your workspace.

To export a chart to post here:

Resize the actual chart window (not the workspace) of the individual chart you want to post - whatever size you end up with will be reproduced same size on T2W, so it helps to make the individual chart a nice size first and not one of the monster charts favoured by a few. :rolleyes:

Then right click on the chart, Export, Image, then save it somewhere (I use my Desktop) as a JPEG Bitmap (.jpg) file. When it asks for the Quality of the JPEG Bitmap, I use 70. Then click OK. That's it.

Then when posting on T2W, remember to use the Post Reply button at the bottom right of the thread (not the quick reply at the bottom), and as part of the reply you can see where to attach a file - browse through to your Desktop and find the file, then click on it, and hit Post Reply. That's all there is to it.

But any more questions, just ask. :D
Whoops! Looks like I didn't read your post properly! Doh!

What you were actually asking was how to add text onto your chart. Here's how you do that.

At the bottom of this post I've attached the image of the toolbar - use the A at the end, this is your text. Then just click on the chart and start typing.

Draw, Preferences, Notes is where you change the default font type, size and colour. To change the text without changing the default, just right click on the text, and use preferences in the drop down box to change them for that single piece of text.


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Thx to the earlier advice I now have a pretty reasonable 2 screen set up.
One more prob though, I can't see how to alter the horizontal + vertical scales without altering the size of the window.
Suggestions appreciated,
Click on the horizontal scale and drag your mouse up (to increase the scale) or down (to decrease the scale).

You do the same on the horizontal axis to increase or decrease the amount of space between the bars.

On the toolbar there is the icon to make each bar bolder or lighter, and increase or decrease the spacing between bars, so in effect you can make the bars look how you want them to. And remember to save!

On a chart if you right click, then go to Price Scale, there are also numerous options for how you want the price bars shown. This includes Remember VScale Preferences so you can remember how you like your vertical scale.
And another nifty thing ... if you click and drag in the middle of a chart, you can move it around as you want to - this is good for scrolling back to look at previous support/resistance, and when the price moves. That means that you can keep the vertical axis at a set distance, which I like because I can then judge the length of each bar which I find crucial for my trading.
Left arrow and Right arrow on your keyboard move the charts along one bar at a time.

Ctrl + Left arrow moves the chart back a chart-width at a time, which is useful if you're wanting to go back months for an intraday chart.
At the top of each chart there are two little boxes marked Sym and Intv.

These mean Symbol and Interval, and they can be locked (red) or unlocked (green). So for example you can have a 10 min and a 5 min chart side by side, both with the Interval red, and the Symbol green. If you then bring up a list, such as a Quote Sheet or Hot List such as the Nasdaq 100 stocks. If you then click on one of them, you'll then see that stock in 5 min and 10 min chart simultaneously, and when you click on the next stock both charts change, etc.

If you have the hair lines showing (right click on a chart, Format, Cursor Tracking) then you will have hairlines crossing where your cursor is. If you move this on the 10 min chart, then it will also move at the appropriate rate on the 5 min chart - or whatever timeframe you have open.

Assuming that the Interval is green, then you can just type any number and the chart will appear, so you can have a 23 min chart, or a 45 min chart or whatever takes your fancy.
And if you have any slow data, or missing data, you can change the server by selecting a New one - press Ctrl Alt N, and this brings up a list of them all, together with their ping times. I find it best to click on the one from the top which brings up the name first (not the IP number).

If you don't do this, or forget to, Qcharts will do this automatically for you - you'll get a box open suggesting that you move to a faster server, so just click OK.


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Great tips Skim, thx alot. My 1st chart posting should be on the ES thread shortly. If it's not there within 1/2 an hour you can assume I've thrown the computer out of the window :cheesy:


Thanks Skim,
Very helpful information that is not very easy to find out except from someone who already knows.

Kind regards



I have q charts, Do u know if it has the vwap indicator on it somewhere ?

Yes, there are a couple of ways that I know of to bring up VWAP, although I never use it. There may be more or other ways, of course, but I've never bothered to look. These will get you started:

File, New, Hot List. Then scroll down and you can bring up a list of a) US Stocks Above VWAP in cents, and b) US Stocks Below VWAP in cents. This uses Qcharts inbuilt scanning facility, so will only work when the markets are live.

Then there's also:
File, New, Quote Sheet. Then in the appropriate column heading, right click, select Indicators, then VWAP. Again, this only works during regular market hours.


Hi Skim,

Thanks , yep i found it , I'll check it out this pm.

Thanks v.much


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Hi all,
Been on hols and I would like to look back at some of the days I missed.
Is there some way that I can enter the date for the day that I would like to view?

Thx, hampy
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