MT4 Intertrader


This is my first post so please be gentle with me :)

I'm not sure if this is the right section to put this in apologies if it's not, but here goes.

I have a been spread betting for about 6 months now I mainly trade the DAX & FTSE (with varied success), I am currently using the MT4 trading platform via Intertrader and have noticed that there is no "Pivot Point" option in the indicators, I have spoke with Intertrader’s IT department and they have said that I need to source a "add on file" as Pivot Points are not a standard part of the platform, Could any of you folks out there help me! I can't seem to find either the file or instruction on adding it to the platform.

Thanks in advance for any help :)
Just google "pivot point indicator" or search this forum for one. There are thousands out there... Find one you like, download it. Then do this (if you are on a pc): Start > Computer > C > Program Files > Then either 'MetaTrader' or 'Intertrader - Metatrader' or whatever the program file associated with your broker is called. Then > Experts > Indicators. Drag and drop your new indicator file here. If your MetaTrader is open, close it then re-open it. You should find your indicator under the custom indicators tab. Once you have the indicator set up, double check your pivot points (either find them on a website or calculate them manually) to make sure they are correct.

One problem you may encounter on a spreadbetting platform is that their prices are not always accurate. If there are some slight differences at the high, low and close of the day then it will not calculate your pivots correctly. You might want to find a indicator that also allows you to enter either the pivots, or the high/low/close manually if you find that the auto levels are out.

Hope the post is coherent, I am very tired. But yeah, google will bring you thousands, if not millions, of the things.