Will ANY System Work?


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At least they have an opinion.
If they get it wrong you can also have a nice roast


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Rognvald said:
A treasure beyond price!

A little googling found this gem in witchcraft

"Sheeps entrails burnt with sulphur will provide more information
straight from the dark one himself"

Sounds about right for futures trading??

Hmmm, didn't Skim mention something about trading on the "Dark Side" :D :eek:


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Ahhh ... let me set you all straight. The sheep's entrails and sulphur formula is often sold to unsuspecting newbies by the likes of Warlock Winters and Sorcerer Stanzione.

Doesn't work, of course. :cheesy:


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One system I feel has merit

www.vtoreport.com - 5 day rsi system is a free system, from a site which appears to sell nothing. It's the simplest system I've ever seen and someone could learn it at the site and walk away and never need the site again. I see a ton of posters at clearstation and yahoo stock chat who do a huge amount of work and appear to much worse than vto's system.

StockBaron said:
I've looked at a number of commercial trading systems and the thing that strikes me is that they all seem to have taken what was once a simple idea (be it MA X-over, MACD, Stochastic etc) and overlaid that with sufficient gloss and marketing to justify their price tag. Just my personal take on it.

However, if you take ANY basic system or setup, be it buying above most recent highest high (selling below most recent lowest low) and perhaps, as a maximum, pulling in volume as a secondary confirmation,


use a sensible risk/reward and money management system that you adhere to absolutely - wouldn't that work just as well? (Better in fact, because you'd have the commercial systems' purchase price in your trading account too).

Or am I being rather naive? Has anyone on these boards bought a packaged trading system and successfully used it and has and IS making consistent profits with low drawdown?
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