which is the best SB company?


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I just want to know which of the Spread betting companies is the best in terms of trading platform and execution of trades especially for newbies like me.
I use City Index.. the prices you see are the prices you get.. unlike some of the others which can keep you holding while you are requoted.
Spreads are comparative with the other SB firms.. except D4F who have the lowest spreads... (however, I hear their platform isn't all that reliable).
I've never had problems with City Index...
The only thing I would complain about is that they don't have an order book system where you can set your limit orders and stuff.. I hear this is in the pipeline though for the next couple of weeks.
thanx but do you know anything about finspreads and IGINDEX cos i have been told they are the best

Hi .

i have used finspreads and also have seen the trading platform for ig and cityindex, it is depends what you are looking for cos:

with finspread yuo can't place orders, spreads are two wide.the price refresh every 30 sec.

ig, has got the biggest spreads i the market etc,

city index update the prices every 3-10 sec.

so far deal4free is the best,

hope this helps
But from what i have been reading so far on this website it seems deal4free is very slow to execute trades
I like D4F, prefer it to Fins. The new platform is much better than the old one and they are great for FTSE stocks.

it might be slwo for higher than £5 per point,

however as i mentionet befor is depend in your sircumstances.

for example , what is the min £ per point, do you like to stay on the front of the scren all day to wait and exexute your orders.
do you want to keep refreshing the prices your self. do you want to trade after hrs in case something hapen.

however what i can also say is that cmc has re-quoted me one day and i lost 100 points .

i had a buy in JMN (ftse100) at 801 i clicked a sell @ 823 and then they re-quote me @ 720 , i dint really expext that in thuoght is 820 so here we go lost 91 points X £? big amount
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I am actually interested in the Dow and FTSE indices cos i seem more comfortable with them after paper trading 4 the past 2 months on TRADINDEX. I am not yet comfortable with individual shares.
Personally I use Finspreads. The main reason was that for the first few weeks you could put bets as small as 1p per point. Gives you the chance to bet for real with very little risk.

Hi Grubs
I use both Fins and D4F. Fins for the indices and D4F for shares.
D4F Indices move like lightening and I simply could not cope with the ever changing prices. The spreads are wider on Fins but they are very easy to follow and placing a stop is also easy. The stop is also automatically removed when the trade is closed, unlike D4F where you have to remember to cancel it if you close the trade rather than being stopped out.
Good luck with your trading.
never yet had to wait for a requote from d4f for up to £20pp
on indices.
but if you try to place an order in a fast market, all sb's will
tale a couple of seconds to confirm. Wouldnt you ?
as for bias, dont forget they make a market based on the futures market and that is more volatile than the cash market.
but if you have realtime futures, you will find the spreads are usually in line with the last trade.
Read the reviews on this site, I have tried D4F and did not enjoy the experience. I use IG Index. Their system puts you in the market in a flash, even if there is a few seconds delay you buy/sell at the point where you pressed the button. Additionally a system allowing you to move stops and set limits has now been introduced.

Good Luck


I have no connection with any spread betting firm other than that of IG client
i think i have been convinced about IGINDEX over the past few days of reading different opinions, thx everybody
spreadbetting is like playing roulette at the casino. The house will always take a slice. In roulette it is the 0 which is the house's take, in spreadbetting it is the spread. D4F have the tightest spreads available in SB, IG have the widest. Would you rather play roulette with 1 zero or 3 zero's against you?
but D4f is the also the one most likely to requote me out of a favourable opening position from what everybody is saying.
that is true, they need to do that because the spreads are so tight. IG can afford to drop a point or two on market orders because their bigger spreads easily cover it.

The requotes only affect market orders. I used D4F for a long time and limit and stop orders are almost always dealt at the price you want, even if the market is flying. If you have a system that uses stops/limits for entries and exits then go D4F.

In my opinion market orders are for emergencies only anyway, for when you really need to get out of a trade. Generally you should know at what level you want to get in and get out so stops/limits are the best thing to use.
but according to a poster in here, u need to cancel the stop when using D4F, that is also a negative in my book since everything should close automatically once u close that particular trade to which the stop is relevant.
D4F it seems try to offer a system very similar to trading in the futures market proper. In that respect they offer stand alone stop and limit orders which other sb firms don't.

Remember that stops can be used to enter a trade as well as to exit. This is a very useful facility if you want to go long on a breakout for example. The fact that stop orders are not attached to a working order is very much a plus as far as I am concerned. With IG you can't enter a stop on it's own to go long in a strong market or short in a weak market, you need to rely on a market order, hesitate and you might miss your entry by 20 pts!

In my opinion if you want to trade properly, cut out the middle man and trade futures directly. You can trade E-mini S&P500 futures realistically with as little as £3000. If that's a bit much to start with then D4F offers the closest experience to trading futures. If you just want the occasional gamble then go with IG or City Index. They are all bookies after all but D4F tries to offer half way sensible odds.
Which one offers the best/quickest phone service :cool: if your system's down? :(

If you're really worried about trading systems going down then you should have at least two accounts with different brokers. If someone's trading system goes down then half their customers are going to be calling them - no matter how good their telephone answering is normally, they are going to be under pressure.