What is the difference between warning levels

stoploss please

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Just out of interest, why have some people got green warning levels an other multi coloured rainbow jobbies.

Is it similar to the MACD onalds star system on their badges. I use to work in MACD onalds when I was at school. I think I only had two stars. Lack of ambition you see, and I could never get rid of that horrible smell. Even thought of washing with bleach.The perk was free meals but how many Big Macs can you have and also a uniform which was designed by Mr Gormless from Gormstead. The line Managers went to Macdonalds University. Can you believe it exists.

Anyway, more of a wimpy man myself. I like a good half pounder and chips.
They're not warning levels, they're votes. Green ones are good ones along the lines of being a goodie two-shoes, and the multi-coloured ones show that you've had a colourful existence on these boards. :D
So, what you been up to then Skim. Your one looks like Jason's multi coloured scarf. Have you been a naughty girl.

Yes, stoploss, you can also receive warnings as well,usually if you disagree with a moderator!!
I should know, I received one from skimble - had to stand in a corner,whilst she knitted,wouldn't have minded except she was knitting two sets of curtains,took two months I think.
Re: warnings

mercury7 said:
Yes, stoploss, you can also receive warnings as well,usually if you disagree with a moderator!!

Hi Mercury

You will only receive a warning for insulting a moderator - Not for disagreeing. If everyone who disagreed with me got a warning - there would be no-one left :eek:
That includes Skim, who can usually find something wrong with what I say :cheesy:
Mercury, and others, contrary to popular belief, you can disagree with mods as much as you like, so long your argument is not rude, offensive or disrespectful.
If I was to change my nick from Stop Loss Please to Trading in my Y Fronts, would I keep my votes and my multicoloured doubry.
If you trade in your Y-Fronts in this weather, it will probably turn blue :cheesy:

my opinion only. it is good if some1 critisises u. if u get slapped with a big wet trout u start giving things a 2nd thought. not by way of doubting yrself - u need to be self-assured to be a trader in the 1st place :) but at least u hold yr horses and ask yrself if u cocked-up along the way.

which is always good. just because every1 does cock up :) and u need to get flashing lights when u do - for yr own benefit.

my own opinion of coz :)
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