what is it with you guys?


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pardon me....been away...if this topic is still going....


i think that's how it goes .... seems a little unfair.
But what then if someone gives the '49 pointer' a 3 vote....he goes down to a three/quarter rainbow? whilst still being 'ahead' of the 41 pointer.....


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thanks zow
not really interested whether its 'fair' or not. Any system is all ways going to be 'unfair' to someone.

I would just like to know how it works.

bit disappointing that none of the 'management' has responded.


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I think it's been answered before, but I'll drop Sharky a pm to point out your request. He's real busy and doesn't get time to read every post on every forum.


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I had included moderators in my idea of 'management' as
I had thought you would all have been around long enough to know.

Perhaps an entry in FAQ ? if its been asked before ?


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Thanks Martin for budging me in the direction of this thread - sorry, I hadn't spotted it myself.

The way the rating system works is it uses a simple average, so adds up all the points and then divides them by the number of votes - and then it rounds to the nearest number in this case

4.6 = 5
4.5 = 5
4.4 = 4

And so on...

You're right this should be added to the FAQ and I'll do that later today (time permitting!).


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ta sharky
but on the mouse over it shows as 4/5 pts for example.
and not a single value.



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that's a recent addition.
I believe it is just the average score out of five.
Though, Sharky, that averaging you mention cannot be totally correct. Earlier when I had 8 out of 8 '5' scores, Skimbleshanks, in order to illustrate the idea reduced me to 4 out of 5 and I turned rainbow. She then changed me back to 5/5 and I went back to green.
Then also the ninth person to rate me could have given me only 1/5 but by the simple average calculation I should have stayed green but I didn't!

Not that I 'm complaining or anything, it doesn't really matter at the end of the day! :D


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Zow if you spend as much time trading as you do talking about colours im sure you'll divise a good system 2 share with us all!

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