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As far as I know, no moderators or owners have this knowledge.I can catagorically state that I don't.


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I've no idea what all the fuss is about, T2W can't be run without generating revenues and sponser ship in any form is part of that.

People are big enough to make their own decisions.

Most BB's die because of petty and petulant disputes and abuse. At the moment, in large, T2W does not seem to have much of that. Lets keep it that way.

As for posting records, This is clearly a rhetorical request.


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* As an example, 5k a day is 1,100,000 per year. Now, if you were taking that out of the markets each year you would a) pay for very good tax advice, b) have trading accounts with several brokers to spread your risk, c) have accounts in different names and corporations, based on the tax advice you had received. *


That really takes it . Anyone was making that sort of money wouldn't be wasting their time on these BB's and certainly would NOT be doing courses for 595 quid a pop .

So don't even suggest that naz and MrC. are the case in point , though I have nothing against their courses.
But hey let's keep the hype within reason yeah ?

ALSO you ignore the most important part of trading : RISK RISK RISK !!!

Yeah , so what if he makes 1M quid a year , HOW MUCH STAKE DOES HE HAVE TO STUMP UP FOR THAT ???

If it is anywhere near 1M as well , work out the reward:risk for yourself , if you are serious.

It is 1:1 , casino odds - easier than trading , get your results faster and with less learning time.

* I actually saw someone post their trading records - and everyone fell about laughing because of how little he was actually making *

Fair enough , so where are these * records * ?

Tell us so we can inspect for ourselves and maybe laugh too or is this person hypothetical as well?


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Scripophilist said:

People are big enough to make their own decisions.

Most BB's die because of petty and petulant disputes and abuse. At the moment, in large, T2W does not seem to have much of that. Lets keep it that way.

I dont know what all the fuss is about.You either come or you dont.It would be a lot better if the detractors contributed some positive trading ideas rather than just run things down.

Take heed about the point from Scrip about most bb's dying for the reasons above.

BB's need to grow and expand and part of that will be to generate revenue.


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Without wishing to go off topic, I didn't bother reading the previous thread because I had been exposed to Naz's trading style through buying a CD of a Trading Seminar of his from Clickevents. The CD was in three parts. First was a story of how a near death experience made him a better trader. I decided not to try this! Second was a trading methodology which was irrelevant to my personal circumstances, and third was advice that if you wanted to trade pairs, you should go long the strong share and short the weak share. That made me laugh!
I sent the CD back and got a full refund.
I decided to form my own trading style and not to listen to any gurus.


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As I`m up early I thought I`d join in.

Trading is all about risk, and makin your own decisions, so people must decide for themselves if they want to risk the money for any seminar/121 training.

If anyone is so worried that they will be wasting their money, then just don`t go.

Over recent months I have seen a large increase in the number of posts bashing and rubbishing anything and anyone on the site. A lot of it has been attempted to be hidden as "Helping Newbies" when it just looks like any excuse to have a go.

Of course this site is hyping this seminar, we all need to make a living, but to go at them like their Stanzione etc is a bit much.

One question that was raised early on , which really should be answered is, Where has the thread giving lots of examples of mr charts and naz`s trades gone?

If it was still here any "Newbies" could easily see that they both know what they are talking about when it comes to Nasdaq stocks.


PS did anyone else notice that Sunseekers, trade the 3rd wave after a fed meeting worked a treat again?


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To any Nasdaq traders that know whats what,ie the China stocks.

Pm me if you want to chat about this and the course.


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The thread was certainly exhausted of opinions, but not answers.
if u go back to the original thread & can find a direct answer to Level2's Direct original question....let me know because I missed it.

also the question wasn't 'why r u holding it on a Saturday?', it was 'why aren't u holding it in the week & demonstrating the techniques live ?''.........a subtle but distinct different question.

not trying to be funny just to the point.

again if these were answered please direct me to the relevant post & I will accept that I am wrong



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Jay common,

We could have had it on any day but picked Sat because it would be easier for more people to attend at reasonably short notice.I've offered any attendees to come around en masse and look at my strategy live if they want.This has all been said .

As someone privately said to me if i stood on my head and gave away £10 notes someone would find fault with it.

Naz the chartist :p
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i absolutly agree that this or any other business endeavour should be profitable and i am sure the instigators of this forum worked long and hard to get it to be as efficient as it is - and most would just use it and not appreciate what goes on in the background

but at the same time credibility is an imperative - and every publishing medium considers its advertising and sponsorship from that angle

you are not going to see a porno advert in the FT and you are not going to see an ad for Harrods in the Sunday Sport

the trading industry is actually real small - there are not that many companies to start with and not that many spending money - so any negativity soon gets around

it seems that it has been confirmed that this forum has not had verification of the trading record of the trainers it is promoting - and from what i have seen - all their posts are just marketing for their services and i have not seen anything in their posts to indicate any more knowledge than reading a few books - and it is absolutly pointless to suggest that people can make up their own minds as to wether they should go on the course

this is the whole point of my original message - by this site openly promoting these trainers - people would go on the course since it would be assumed that the forum had checked and verified their credibilty - but it now seems that Chartman is stating that this is not the case and the forum does not have proof of their validity( and i really do appreciate his directness)

no one should have to prove their credibility if they dont want to - and no one should have to show their trading record if they dont want to - but if you are seeking training work on the basis that you are a skilled and successful trader - and you are not prepared to prove it - that says it all

trainers are out for your money - they take it and put it in their bank account and then they enjoy spending it - and its a one way bet for them - they are not gambling with their time and the trainee ends up losing their money regardless of the success of the course - even when money back guarantees are offered - those offering the guantees know that hardly anyone ever wants to complain and ask for their money back -most people are not comfortable in confrontational situations

trainers are not doing anyone any favours and if they are not prepared to prove their credibility to the people running the forum - i really dont think the forum should support them, find some trainers who dont give excuses for not showing trading record proof and do a deal with them, but of course it is up to the forum to do as they want


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Nice one bigbusiness.

Do you like my new name.

Naz the chartist

This is because my latest stratergy is on the charts.Just to save all those questions i'm receiving about it with pm's


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If I was a newbie I would certainly pay to go to NAZ's course...

Those who trade for living and I donot mean those who have £1000 quid or guys who want to be Bill gate with tiny capital must have enough capital in the market to make this game worth while,, Consequently they are exposing themselves to the market risk to an extend which is much more than £500/year...

Market does not like inefficient players..Do yourself a favour and learn L2 as PART of your strategy ( Not sure if MR Chart can help you a lot .. ),,

I am now taking a few days off to enjoy life, and come back when you have all finished letting air out on this thread..
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