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There was on this board an extremely active thread re the joint Naz / Mr Charts seminar promoted / organised by the operators of this site.

It is a seminar sponsored for reward for themselves by the operators of this site.

Various members wanted to see substantiation in the form of trading records of various claims made.

None was provided.

The moderators closed the thread.

I have no personal axe to grind.

Draw your own conclusions.


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The thread is closed because all possible opinions have been stated.If you have something new to say, then say it.


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Hi Oldun,

I was enjoying it.It was the best thread on the site.You obviously didnt read all the comments correctly and saw what you wanted to see.If you had noticed i addressed everything that was said and other ex students added very positive views.

Some like knocking things which are good dont they.Its amazing that over 100 people have already entered the quiz for a free entry to the course.Many thanks for your help in promoting it.



Whilst I agree that the thread was closed prematurely, it was actually closed by FTSE Beater who, unless I am mistaken, does not stand to gain financial benefit from this event.


Actually you didnt address my comments on why it is taking place on a Saturday in view of proven high attendances for weekday seminars.



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In whose opinion have all possible opinions have been stated please?

As I say, I have no axe to grind but I find it utterly objectionable that those who have views to express are simply cut off.

Why on earth can this not be ended simply by providing the information sought? To me, simple minded though I may be, it seems very easy to do.

PS Do you really suggest that members should take at face value whatever is put forward by the operators of this site?
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I have been 1 of your students and benefitted enormously.

As I say, I have no axe (forgive the pun, none intended) to grind but I do think there are those who have a legitimate point.

Kind regards.

FTSE Beater

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Hi Oldun

Yes I closed the thread, and as Trader333 has said I don't gain any financial benefit at all. Don't you think the thread was going around and round in circles :?:

BTW that Axe Pun was really really bad. :LOL:

Hi Naz

Sorry, you can't have fun all the time ;)


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Hi Oldun,

I dont know what to say.I'm stunned.I'm so pleased that you've benefited.Thank you for the kind words.


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Even if it was only the pub on the river (which it wasn't) it would have been a great day out!


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No, but he had good (EDIT excellent) reviews.


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If you're going to ask people to shell out for a seminar featuring your wonderful trading system, you have to demonstrate the results with a few trades. To make £1000 a day or whatever usually requires high stakes of 100+ pounds a point and you're looking for around a 10 point movement. Anyone can make 10 points by standard TA.
Don't treat people as fools. You only have to pretend to be a 'punter' and ask your reactions to your request!



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Let me say something.

Options hit this on the head.I could take two trading accounts go long big time in one and short in the other.Overall i'd be flat.But i could get up and show the one that made all the money and say look at me aren't i a good trader.When you see big cheques banded around from spread betting companies for advertising isn't that something that could cross your mind.

If you prepared to demonstrate ideas and back them up with live examples as i do doesn't that say it all.
Those who are shouting for trading records just don't seem to realise quite what happens when you are able to take, for example, 5k out of the markets per day.

As an example, 5k a day is 1,100,000 per year. Now, if you were taking that out of the markets each year you would a) pay for very good tax advice, b) have trading accounts with several brokers to spread your risk, c) have accounts in different names and corporations, based on the tax advice you had received.

And therefore you would be very silly to expose yourself, and your various trading entities (whether onshore or offshore) to public scrutiny, as well as that of the IR.

Now, if you're taking £50 per day out of the markets, it's a totally different situation because you're likely to be trading in one name in one account, so you can freely publish your accounts for everyone else's amusement.

I actually saw someone post their trading records - and everyone fell about laughing because of how little he was actually making. But he thought he was a trading superstar, and he wasn't selling anything, but just had a huge ego.
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