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If you're going to ask people to shell out for a seminar featuring your wonderful trading system, you have to demonstrate the results with a few trades. To make £1000 a day or whatever usually requires high stakes of 100+ pounds a point and you're looking for around a 10 point movement. Anyone can make 10 points by standard TA.
Don't treat people as fools. You only have to pretend to be a 'punter' and ask your reactions to your request!



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Let me say something.

Options hit this on the head.I could take two trading accounts go long big time in one and short in the other.Overall i'd be flat.But i could get up and show the one that made all the money and say look at me aren't i a good trader.When you see big cheques banded around from spread betting companies for advertising isn't that something that could cross your mind.

If you prepared to demonstrate ideas and back them up with live examples as i do doesn't that say it all.


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It looks like this thread is becoming the phoenix rising from the ashes of the recently closed thread.



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Those who are shouting for trading records just don't seem to realise quite what happens when you are able to take, for example, 5k out of the markets per day.

As an example, 5k a day is 1,100,000 per year. Now, if you were taking that out of the markets each year you would a) pay for very good tax advice, b) have trading accounts with several brokers to spread your risk, c) have accounts in different names and corporations, based on the tax advice you had received.

And therefore you would be very silly to expose yourself, and your various trading entities (whether onshore or offshore) to public scrutiny, as well as that of the IR.

Now, if you're taking £50 per day out of the markets, it's a totally different situation because you're likely to be trading in one name in one account, so you can freely publish your accounts for everyone else's amusement.

I actually saw someone post their trading records - and everyone fell about laughing because of how little he was actually making. But he thought he was a trading superstar, and he wasn't selling anything, but just had a huge ego.


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Surely you are not suggesting that tax avoidance is on the menu.

Mr C and Naz have, in any event, been sufficiently 'up front' in posting their trades to put the authorities on notice if there was anything untoward to be put on notice about.


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"...entered the quiz for a free entry to the course."

Missed that. Where is it?
If it just means spelling me name right I'll enter.


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Let me say this clearly and categorically.
My private accounts are my business and so are Naz's and so are everybody else's. They will not be put on public display however noisy and vociferous and demanding anybody might be.
That's my choice, that's Naz's choice.
We take responsibility for our actions in our own real names.
Naz and I are offering a course completely unlike those offerings by certain individuals who receive widespread criticism. That's obvious.
We have decided to hold the session on a Saturday for reasons already explained. That is our decision just as it is the decision of any person as to whether to attend. We have both had emails in the past asking for a weekend course and we are responding to those requests.
Any member of this site is quite capable of doing their own research and deciding if the course we are doing is suitable for them or not and they are all grown up enough to make up their own minds in the light of available comments as to the honesty of Naz and myself.
What is on offer is there for all to see and will be delivered as described on Nov 15th.
If someone thinks they will benefit, they are quite capable of making up their own minds for themselves and booking the seminar.
I have my choices too, amongst them are to give a little advice:
If you think you are going to come to this seminar to learn how to get rich quick, don't bother.
If you think you are a keen gambler and think the markets are a casino, don't bother.
If you think you can earn a good living from the market with £1000 of capital, don't bother.
If you think after reading the things said by people that Naz or I have coached, that this is a course that would benefit you and is going to prove value for money in the long run in helping with your trading, then consider booking and we will be happy to meet you and help you all we can.
One last thing, I have a choice as to whether to "debate" with certain individuals on this site about the joint seminar.
Well, I choose not to bother. That's my personal choice. If someone doesn't like that, hey that's their choice.


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Oldun said:
Surely you are not suggesting that tax avoidance is on the menu.


Avoidance is legal.
Evasion is illegal.

Ask any tax lawyer. :D


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It is interesting to note that you only answer questions that suit you and ignore those that may be controversial or do not add credibility to your money making activities. Of course if this is not the case then please explain why you take this approach as I have also noted your reluctance to answer the comments made by the likes of T333 as well as others on the original but now closed thread?



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Yes, I know. Too many glasses of Burgundy (and a very good one at that!)
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It was in my opinion the thread was exhausted. Maybe I'm in the minority. Secondly anyone that takes something at face value by anyone that posts on this BB is either a) naive , or b) very trusting of the person imparting that information.
I have stated quite clearly recently that what I post should not be taken for granted. Prove it for yourself by doing your homework. If one can't be bothered, one will get one one deserves. Just like I did in the early days of trading.


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What exercised my mind was the following quote from one of your posts (number 53142) on the 'closed' thread:-

BlairLogie. You are quite right. As T2W is promoting this course, Whatever they say, including myself and other mods, should be taken at face value

Sorry if I have misunderstood.
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i repeat that i did not ask anyone to post their P&L - i dont know if anyone else did - but i did ask if the people who run this site had themselves had verification of the P&L of the training people who they are pushing

and this point was ignored - which is fine - but it does not mean i am wrong to seek the information
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