W32/Sasser.worm or AVSERVE.EXE


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Ill post when Ive got it :)

Although other day every other email I received seemed to be a virus. Must have received over 20 infected emails.


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I only mentioned it because it's a new one and easy to catch.
Panda had it top of their list. Stinger already have a removal, so it's not a bad idea to make sure your Windows are up to date and keep a copy on your desktop

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ARGH!!! It got me :devilish:

Thanks for posting the link up. Getting it sorted now :)


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All I can say is if this worm got you then you deserve it.

To get this worm you have to be allowing inbound connections on well known ports and to have not updated your machine.

There are 3 easy ways to stop this worm:

1) Keep your computer up to date via automatic updates
2) Have a decent self updating antivirus package, not a 'free' one
3) Use a decent Firewall and don't allow inbound connections

Either one of those three would protect you.



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For everyone who is experiencing a virus of some kind, you must have a high quality anti-virus software installed on you PC,its a fact of online life, its not going to go away, there are new one being created each and every day, I know from bitter experience how time consuming, annoying, damaging and expensive they are ,my only advise is to buy a high quality anti-virus software, with regular (everyday) automatic check for upgrade,you can buy online from manufacture's ie Norton ( which I have) Mc Alfie etc, also
Amazon, or Ebay, you have to spend the cash but its worth it.....................Good Luck


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JonnyT, great site, at these prices everyone can afford anti-virus ?

Good Luck
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