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Hi, has any body been with this chap on his trading day.He is a ex city dealer.Would be interested with any of your views,comments?.
Trickie Rickie

I have seen a lot of negative comment re this chap. Most people state that you can pick up info for free on T2W and other sites of a similar ilk and it costs nothing.

Stop looking for the holy grail or other effort free methods of trading. You have to study and try your hand at paper trading or low cost trading like Finspreads.

Eventually you evolve and leave spread betting behind. But forget these "Guru's. People at T2W etc give advice or opinion for free. It's your assimilation of this free material and testing that matters - in short you make an effort and practice.

Good luck.
Hi. Neil I been looking for the HOLY GRAIL for 3 years? and many
hours,Just looking for a HONEST mentor,Are you busy for the next 3
Thanks for reply
Honest mentor

Yes...I am busy trading but as stated, all the info you want can be found here. Look around the site, use the search facility.

try and use the search facility there.


Lots of traders there will help.

As for Vince....keep your money in your pocket.

Good luck.

Hi Richard,

I think probably your best mentor is yourself and the critical and honest analysis of each and every trade, every entry every exit. You'll learn more from that than any book/course (I'm assuming after 3 years you've probably read most of the key books anyway!)
The best of luck.
Hi Rick
I happened to purchase Vince Stanzione home study course with videos (recorded live) about a year ago, yes I must admit I did not know anything about trading and being a total beginner it was all very exciting, but was only a taster and only the very basic is taught, definitely NOT the Holy Grail!. Personally speaking it helped launch me into trading...but believe you me you need to study a lot if you intend to make it in trading, controlling my emotions was and still is a very big hurdle.

good luck
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vince's training day offer

Hello folks. I'm a new boy here so I hope I don't make too much of a hash of this.
I bought Vince's offer some time ago and also some reccommended books on tech trading. I have also done a deal of other homework on this subject. I am a rank amateur at this moment with only a basic grasp of the principles.
I feel what I bought was reasonable value. It doesn't give me enough to make money with any degree of certainty. If I practice hard and take enough small(managed ) hits I may learn enough to start. It's called developing understanding and judgement.
I understand that Vince's day session costs £2500 and that there are likely to be 25 to35 punters attending. I would want face to face for that kind of money and a fair idea as to the deliverables, before signing up. So I guess I think its not a good deal.
I am delighted to have the opportunity to reach a few people with similar interests and hope to make some friends in the future.
35 x 2500 = £87,500

Lets face it for one days work this beats trading hands down and with no risk. I think I can see where I may be going wrong, what I need to do is start a course telling people how to trade and charge them over 2K and have over 30 delegates a time. Yes it is all becoming clear to me now.....................
hi richie
my opinion ... with £2500 , spend 300 in a few good books 200 in a good broker( with free trading software) and join the best trading course you can ever get ... practical experience, where your mistakes will cost you money and the good choices will give a good rush... and please don't take me wrong I am as well a begginer, but , unfortanely a begginer without that kind of money to waste in learning, so i take the cheap option, books, a lot of reading, read opinions and views of other traders and you even can practice all what you been learning here in t2w competition ...
and the best ... all for for free !!!!

... by the way a good starting point ...
Devils Advocate:

If you want the best legal advice, the survival of your business depended on it - do you go to WH Smith and get a copy of the Co's Act 1985, or do you mosey on down to Baker McKenzie?

Be gentle with me folks.
I'd buy the Which? guide to 'Defending youself at a murder trial'. Very good value at only £9.99.

If ya REALLY NEEDED the best advice and needed to save money and there was no other option, then ofcourse no need to economise falsely and by all means soldier on down to Baker & McKenzie.

However, if the nature of your business was such where to run it effectively you had to function in a very efficient way and there was a plethora of FREE information already available, information that was enough for you to make a difference without moseying anywhere, then do u really wanna mosey on to a firm of crooks? oops I mean a firm of lawyers?

No doubt I will also recieve a gentle reply.....
Working in the Accountancy profession I am a great believer in the saying 'you get what you pay for'.
Please do not get me wrong - I have not been on any trading course, nor am I endorsing any.
I am also a believer in the saying 'you can't judge a book by its cover'. If I had the knowledge and experience, would I pitch myself at £50 - no way, why do you think Tony Robbins charges £4,000 a seat worldwide and is always sold out.

Do you think there is a motivational speakers website out there with hundreds of postings against him?

Why have I not seen a posting from anyone who has been on a course - only from people that have not. Maybe the people who have been have lost all their money and are ashamed? Maybe not?

My point is that as you are all aware in this game - it is a question of supply and demand - people are willing to pay - so let the man make some money in peace (whilst you do from the various sources on the net, books and experiance).

Its horses for courses.

Healthy debate is great.
I agree with the principle of going on courses and learning from experts. Most people learn best by being taught. We send our kids through schools with teachers after all. We don't just give them a pile of books and expect them to pass exams.

The problem is that whilst you need to go through several years of training and pass exams to be a teacher you need b*gger all to run trading courses. Any of us can set ourselves up as an 'expert trader' with a 'winning formula' and rip people off.

Although I haven't been on Vince Stanzione's course I did buy his £300 book. I'm not saying Vince Stanzione is a rip off (in case any lawyers are reading this) but in my opinion it isn't worth the money. Spend an hour reading this site and you will have more knowledge than you can get from his book. And after sleeping through the video that came with the course I can definately say Vince Stanzione isn't 'motivational'.

Working in the Accountancy profession, you must also have come across many many arrogant people who will charge extortionate amounts simply because THEY think THEY are worth it, when in fact the job they do is not worth even a tenth of their charges. Does this not happen in that profession? And in the Law profession? [ a chap went to a lawyer to ask something, but when he received his bill it was for 2 questions. When he rang the lawyer to ask why he had been billed for 2 questions when in fact he had only asked 1, the lawyer replied "You did ask 2 sir, the 2nd was when you came back for your umbrella and asked me "Where had left your umbrella?", and I said "Behind the door.".....
Of course, there are those out there that think the only answer worth paying for would be the 2nd one, but we'll leave that debate for another rainy day...]

I know all this happens in computing, which is my background.

There are people on this web site that have been on various courses, all costing along the lines of this particular course, or more. You can see their replies at

There have also been other discussions elsewhere on this web site about trading courses and the consensus seems to be they are a good introduction, but what you learn is only what you can learn from books and the Internet, all for either free, or a fraction of the course price. However, if you do feel you would like to go on a course then there are many genuine people (it seems) who offer 1-2-1 tuition at a fraction of the price these other people are asking for to teach you in a group of people - a group consisting of people of various abilities and in which the tutor would have to spend time on all of them while you presumably just sit...

The pro's of a 1-2-1 tuition with accomplished traders willing to show you their substantial track record at a maybe a fifth of the price must be obvious...

I agree the game is about "supply and demand", but is the demand being made from people who would later wish they'd been supplied with more information? How many have been on the courses and then seen web sites such as this and wished they had not gone to the course but would have better off going to butlins/spain/descent restaurant...? That would be a very interesting ratio to know..

This web site has people at various stages of being a "trader" coming to it. And I think all their experiences are important to note. By all means, if you are planning on going on this course, then do go. But I will be bold enough to suggest that before you go, do go through various boards on this and other web sites, read books etc. first. Because then, you will be making a more informed decision, leaving less room for regret. And of course, if you go, then please ensure you update us with your experiences....;)

BTW: Re: Tony Robbins. I've heard so much good about his courses that I'd luv to go on it, but I certainly wont without reading any of his books(and I haven't as yet). And FWIW, I have heard recently from a chap that has attended more than one of his courses that the books do cover so much that one does not necessarily have to attend his course at £4K.... But then again I'm note sure how realistic a comparison is between the The Tony Robbins, and some of these trading courses.

All horses for courses and of course all IMHO :)
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Thanks for the detailed response - I take on board what you are saying.

MMillar - Love the sign off.

This site has helped tremendously in my my evolving education - thanks to all.