Vince Stanzione, trading day course


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Hi, has any body been with this chap on his trading day.He is a ex city dealer.Would be interested with any of your views,comments?.
Trickie Rickie


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I have seen a lot of negative comment re this chap. Most people state that you can pick up info for free on T2W and other sites of a similar ilk and it costs nothing.

Stop looking for the holy grail or other effort free methods of trading. You have to study and try your hand at paper trading or low cost trading like Finspreads.

Eventually you evolve and leave spread betting behind. But forget these "Guru's. People at T2W etc give advice or opinion for free. It's your assimilation of this free material and testing that matters - in short you make an effort and practice.

Good luck.


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Hi. Neil I been looking for the HOLY GRAIL for 3 years? and many
hours,Just looking for a HONEST mentor,Are you busy for the next 3
Thanks for reply


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Honest mentor

Yes...I am busy trading but as stated, all the info you want can be found here. Look around the site, use the search facility.

try and use the search facility there.


Lots of traders there will help.

As for Vince....keep your money in your pocket.

Good luck.



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Hi Richard,

I think probably your best mentor is yourself and the critical and honest analysis of each and every trade, every entry every exit. You'll learn more from that than any book/course (I'm assuming after 3 years you've probably read most of the key books anyway!)
The best of luck.

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Hi Rick
I happened to purchase Vince Stanzione home study course with videos (recorded live) about a year ago, yes I must admit I did not know anything about trading and being a total beginner it was all very exciting, but was only a taster and only the very basic is taught, definitely NOT the Holy Grail!. Personally speaking it helped launch me into trading...but believe you me you need to study a lot if you intend to make it in trading, controlling my emotions was and still is a very big hurdle.

good luck
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vince's training day offer

Hello folks. I'm a new boy here so I hope I don't make too much of a hash of this.
I bought Vince's offer some time ago and also some reccommended books on tech trading. I have also done a deal of other homework on this subject. I am a rank amateur at this moment with only a basic grasp of the principles.
I feel what I bought was reasonable value. It doesn't give me enough to make money with any degree of certainty. If I practice hard and take enough small(managed ) hits I may learn enough to start. It's called developing understanding and judgement.
I understand that Vince's day session costs £2500 and that there are likely to be 25 to35 punters attending. I would want face to face for that kind of money and a fair idea as to the deliverables, before signing up. So I guess I think its not a good deal.
I am delighted to have the opportunity to reach a few people with similar interests and hope to make some friends in the future.


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35 x 2500 = £87,500

Lets face it for one days work this beats trading hands down and with no risk. I think I can see where I may be going wrong, what I need to do is start a course telling people how to trade and charge them over 2K and have over 30 delegates a time. Yes it is all becoming clear to me now.....................


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hi richie
my opinion ... with £2500 , spend 300 in a few good books 200 in a good broker( with free trading software) and join the best trading course you can ever get ... practical experience, where your mistakes will cost you money and the good choices will give a good rush... and please don't take me wrong I am as well a begginer, but , unfortanely a begginer without that kind of money to waste in learning, so i take the cheap option, books, a lot of reading, read opinions and views of other traders and you even can practice all what you been learning here in t2w competition ...
and the best ... all for for free !!!!

... by the way a good starting point ...


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Devils Advocate:

If you want the best legal advice, the survival of your business depended on it - do you go to WH Smith and get a copy of the Co's Act 1985, or do you mosey on down to Baker McKenzie?

Be gentle with me folks.


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If ya REALLY NEEDED the best advice and needed to save money and there was no other option, then ofcourse no need to economise falsely and by all means soldier on down to Baker & McKenzie.

However, if the nature of your business was such where to run it effectively you had to function in a very efficient way and there was a plethora of FREE information already available, information that was enough for you to make a difference without moseying anywhere, then do u really wanna mosey on to a firm of crooks? oops I mean a firm of lawyers?

No doubt I will also recieve a gentle reply.....
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