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Have any of you received last week, or recently, a mailshot from Vince Stanzione. He basically wants you to send him £117.00 per month for the exclusive use of his trade deals. Basically he tells you what to trade, you duplicate it (them), after setting up an account with

Is it worth the money? I'm a relative beginner and I felt that this was a good way to get started.

Your comments please,


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Does this make you feel like the Scarlet Pumpernickle in that it's a constant effort to stop gullible new traders and sharks meeting in the same pool.

Scarlet Pumpernickle? :cheesy:

I thought Pumpernickel is the German equivalent of Hovis. So you're right, I must be trying to tell peeps to save their bread and not throw it to the sharks during their feeding frenzy. :D

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ipo said:
Thanks for the reply - still not further forward!! Is this a real waste of money??

Hi Ian

In a word yes :(
But that's just my opinion
Hi Neil

Constant effort is a bit strong. Constant pleasure maybe. New traders should stay away from all sharks (Apart from Sharky that is :cheesy: )


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Ipo-i second everything that's been said about VS on this and other threads.
Don't waste your money with this guy-he had to send an email out to his mugs in July(i was one of them)claiming things would improve after a bad run.Well,they did,the losses decreased!!
His "strategy" consists of a seemingly random selection of one-touch or bull/bear bets over time frames up to 35 days across a wide range of markets,principally currencies,gold,dax and the dow.
Often,he will appear to go against his own bets-long on gold same time as long on usd,for example.Maybe he should be used as a contrary indicator :D :D :D


Hi, Vince Stanzione`s system for bet on markets lost me half my capital and charged me 99 pounds a month for the pleasure...he bets 3 grand a time on one bet (alledgedly) to make like 13% and loses a lot with a few wins...pure luck rather than skill. When i emailed to moan about losing so many bets he told me to "get over it" i replied by saying i am cancelling his blindfolded pin the tail on the donkey method of trading and am having more wins than with his "guidance".have almost got my initial amount back. To be blunt unless your a billionaire gambler i would steer clear and maybe just invest in some good your homework and you will get there. nothing worthwhile is easy but you can do it. this will be my only post on this site as i just feel others should know and dont put your faith in him or his maybe if he wrote a book himself on trading i would buy it and have an open mind but he aint that straight up he is basicly a rich marketer and couldnt give 2 hoots if your a success or failure as long as he has you on his mailing list and has taken some form of money for old rope...dont forget people pay good money for mailing lists...thats all i have to say...


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I hope you all realise that there's a double profit for VS in all of this and hence what a shyster he is.

1) Takes the subscription money
2) Will take a cut of the action from betonmarkets

Plus, isn't he a shareholder with betonmarkets? If so then there's a 99% chance that he tells them beforehand what he's going to tell his poor subscribers and then they alter the price accordingly and make some extra cash as well.

Talk about a total scam....

PS. Tinman, you got it in one, VS is nothing but a marketer who uses trading to sell his overpriced rubbish


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Even if Vince is an excellent trader with good tips i still wouldnt suggest you go there. You wouldnt be learning anything by taking trades someone gives to you. The old saying "give a man a fish and he will eat for that day, give him the tools and knowledge how to fish for himself and he will eat everyday".... springs to mind



anley said:
Plus, isn't he a shareholder with betonmarkets?
Stanzione is indeed a major shareholder of BetOnMarkets, something which he keeps quiet from his customers but gloats about during "Information Publishing" seminars.

Looking at some of Vince's recent bets which someone has shown me, he typically bets £2600 to win £3000 i.e. risks £2600 on BetOnMarkets to win just £400.

For example:

Bet suggested to subscribers on 3rd November by Vince:

Win GBP3000 if, at the close of trading on 8-NOV-05, FTSE Index is lower than 5400 (BEAR CONTRACT). Trade price was GBP2083.4 (=69% of payout). Payout is GBP3000 (=1.43 times trade price)

With the FTSE100 currently at about 5470, it needs to drop by over 70 points before 4.30pm for Vinny to win. If it doesn't he has lost £2083.40.

Of course, Vince won't lose a thing. I very much doubt he actually trades on BOM. In fact, I'd put money on the fact he doesn't trade at all on BOM and just suggests these "trades" to subscribers.

£100 a month for this? Mmmm.....


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ipo said:
Thanks for the reply - still not further forward!! Is this a real waste of money??


Hi IPO, I think you are doing what we all did when we first started (if we are honest!) namely, trying to get a "shortcut" to making money from trading. I'm afraid there arent any. It takes research, extensive reading and above all DISCIPLINE to become consistently successful. You are very fortunate to have come across this website which is full of information..use it and you'll be on your way. Good luck!!


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I propose that we make it illegal on this site to discuss anything to do with Vermin Shagger.

All those in favour say aaight.


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Well the other day (probably a month ago) I received another offering from VS this time calling himself Fixed Odds Trader price £99 per month. Having been one of the not very bright people who signed up to his £117 offering in 2003 but subsequently cancelled because of poor performance I was quite surprised to still be on his mailing list.


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You use to be able to see vince's BOM account on BullPig, you could even see the trades he made. Most of his profit actually came from commission he made from referals.
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