461% Return From Fixed Odds Betting ?



Today I received an invitation from the one and only Vince Stanzione to join his small group of previlaged members who are making bucket loads of money from Fixed Odds Trading, with a letter making claims of:
" Discover How I Made Over 461% Return Tax Free In Less Than 9 Months Trading Financial Markets and Find Out How You Can Do The Same"

Its all very ambiguous with no guarantee of making any money at all, the only guarantee is that Vince will take £117 from my bank account every month for this information....

Even though I seem to have answered my own question of, "Is this for real?"
- "NO!"

I was wondering if anyone else had received the same offer, tried it and what they thought of it, and indeed Fixed Odds Betting as an whole ?

I know that previous comments on these boards havent spoke to highly of this VINCE STANZIONE, as he now got onto something good?



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don't know what he makes directly from trading the markets but he must be making a fortune selling over priced information about it.

I have had loads of "offers" from Vince. Can't remember if this is one of them although it sounds vaguely familiar.

The latest one I have had is a CD entitled "Market wizard profit briefing". Haven't played it yet but no doubt it will be another "exclusive offer".

Has he stumbled on to something good?

from his perspective probably yes as it will boost the bank balance further without actually having to resort to trading.

From your perspective probably not judging by other threads, some of which you appear to have read already.

My opinion? Wouldn't touch it with a barge pole!


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I wouldn't touch him with yours ;)

BTW I think there is money in fixed odds if you know what you're doing.
I have made a 235% return on capital so far this week purely trading FTSE and Dow binaries on IG. 2 or 3 trades a day.



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i have never looked at binaries - but without going into your own personal specific situation - is betting that way something you have experience of using hundreds or thousands per bet


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Not by a long shot stevet.

I only trade small amounts, but have been a lot more successful sb'ing in this way than conventionally longing or shorting the index.

Its hard to explain my method but in essence I watch price action and play the reversals. Eg. FTSE gaps down at open, I might then expect the index to rise so I then 'buy' a 'FTSE to finish up' or similar bet at a good price as all the binaries would be weighted for a down day. Prices are quite volatile and you can be 30 points in profit 1 minute then 30 points down the next.
Avoid binaries on a trend day, volatility is the key to these trades.

A good example was yesterdays Dow - I expected it to finish down. Early on the prices were weighted heavily down so too high a risk to enter, so waited, and waited for the index to rise a bit. It did and then I got an entry at just below 30 when the Dow popped its head into +ve territory. Then let it run for a nice 70 point gain at the close.

I never ever trade at a price above 35, too high a risk if it goes pearshaped. Most of my trades are around the 10-20 mark which gives scope for 20 or 30 points during daily movements, or of course if it goes well 80-90 on expiry.



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Avoid binaries on a trend day

That's the hardest thing to do. If anyone knows how to spot a trend day before it is too late please let me know. There are lots of theories about low range the previous day etc. but form my observations, these are hard to spot until it is too late.


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ok, thx, the amount traded just gives an indication of the potential you have found in that way of trading


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Bigbusiness - By avoiding trend days I mean that if for example FTSE gaps up at open and stays +ve and looks set to lose +ve, then the binary price for a FTSE up is always going to be at least 50+ therefore I will not be trading that. If however I feel that it isn't going to continue to trend and reverse, then I will trade a FTSE down at a low price before the index actually moves too much to ensure I get a good price.

Trader333 - As far as I know, IG only do binaries on indices and FX.

Stevet - I am trialling this method relatively small at the moment. But even with £10/pt I have found that £500 is a fairly 'easy' amount to make per day. I am averaging 68 points per day at the moment.

Very impressive claims, how would you feel about posting your trades here for a while so we can get a feel for what you're doing.



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Ok quick example of a trade I got on now:
FTSE down 10-20 at 12pm - entered at 8.5 a few mins ago.

Max risk 8.5*stake. Max return 91.5*stake.
Very low risk, hopefully if FTSE drops a little more in the next hour it will turn good.


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I don't want to have to prove my claims, I originally just stated that it is possible to profit from fixed odds betting.


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No problem Wideboy since you are not selling or advertising a "Holy grail."

Just being nosey



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461% Return From Fixed Odds Betting ?

It can be done but there is a lot of risk attached so you need to know that element to do it succesfully.

If anybody wants to buy me a drink at the next meet I will tell you how to do it. No need to send Vince a penny.


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Going back to the stanzione thing!!

It seems to me that his fixed odds group works that he posts what trades he is doing and the group follows!!
Well if anyone is interested why dont we club together say 5/6 of us pay the 117 per month between us and well guess the rest!!
If it works we all win!!If it doesnt well we havent risked that much!!
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