upload problem


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download problem

Could someone please give me advice with download problem .I have 2 pc' connected to same broadband link and one of them is downloading intermittently very slowly.They haven't been on for a couple of weeks,i've defragmented and cleaned the cache but it does not improve the performance,if the computer is on for some time then this seems to make it quicker.
Any suggestions on what i can do ?
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Are you saying only one of them uploads slowly - the other is OK?

Or that they used to upload more quickly?

Upload capacity is much lower than download on a Broadband connection. I'm sure you're aware of that, but thought I'd mention it.


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yes one of the pc's is working fine,internet wise,the other pc is very slow in bringing up a web page,couple of seconds for one pc and a couple of minutes for the same web page on the other pc.The pc itself seems to work ok


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oops download problem i mean, thanks for pointing that out,i'm affraid i'm not much of a computer person.Any suggestions?


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Hi oatman,i got these results,they are very different in values ,any suggestions where i go from here?
Problem pc bandwidth down 41 Kbits/sec,Average Ping 334 ms
Working pc bandwidth down 291 Kbits/sec,Average Ping 547 ms

Pic 1 is download ok

Pic 2 download problem

I haven't had this problem before it's only since i've been away,i've checked for virus and defragmented and it appears to be clean.It seems that one pc is like a dial up connection and the other is broadband.However it does seem to speed up the more i use it,could it be a hardware problem?
Sorry to be a pain, i appreciate your help


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Are they networked and did Pitstop offer any fixes?

edit: I can't hang on and besides I ain't no expert :cheesy: so I suggest you post the results on Pitstop with your problem and all the nice people will be along to help you out
Here's how http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress/howto1.asp
See you over there ;)
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They are networked,one speed is 60.6 kilobit and the other is 350 kilobit,
Ok Thanks for your help oatman
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