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Hi Folks

I have followed the "New Computer" thread with interest and would be grateful for suggestions about improving my own system.
I have a 2 year old machine - built locally.
Mainboard GA71XE4.
Processor AMD Duron 700. Hard drive 20 Gb. Memory 128 Mb.
Operating system Windows ME.
No access to broadband or cable and a not very reliable BT connection.
The system quite frequently freezes and downloads can be very slow.
Any suggestions for improving the system and getting best value for money?
My computer knowledge about two years behind my eleven year old grandson.

Thanks in advance.

Switch to an Athlon XP1700 and heatsink /fan. 256Mb PC133 spec memory.Upgrade to windows XP pro. OR save all your vital stuff and do a fresh install. As a foot note, XP pro has a program called " Upgrade.bat" that will do an upgrade. I have used this just once and it worked perfectly. 20gig is fine.

One final thing, you shoul change your power supply for a 300Watt unit.
Price for this lot £150 ish plus £150 for win XP pro.
You'll probably never get Win 98 to run smoothly.......
Thanks ChartMan - have noted your advice and will try and do something over next few days.

Hi Chartman

Whilst I am waiting on upgrades what is your views on web accelerator software - any recommendations or advice ?
BT advise using it but can't find out much about it. Seem to remember Helen tried it before she got broadband.


Thanks M.

Tried it out last night but my system froze - AGAIN.
Going back on today.

I've not used ME. Are you running the system save option? I understand that can hog resources and lead to a virtual halt in processing. Is your system utuilisation high? (Check Performance with Windows System Tools and also look at the system log to see what fails).

I had a similar problem with Windows XP in its early days (I had upgraded from W98) Solved it by a disk reformat and complete reload of everything from scratch (after backups of course). Took about 7 hours:-( manily due to downloading upgrades from the internet - with broadband XP downlaods of >50MB still take a LONG time.

Is your ME system up to date with all Microsoft upgrades?