Upgrading - which o/s ??


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hmmm.... stuck between a rock and a hard place now! XP Pro seems to be the consensus of opinion and clean install the better option. I had hoped to go the upgarde route but that seems to be a no-no (also there doesn't seem to be any easy route from ME to XP Pro, unless its via upgrade to XP Home first, then upgrade to XP Pro - anyone confirm/deny this?) Don't like the sound of formatting, etc, a bit too technical for me! Is XP Home a viable alternative and an upgrade to that OS a simpler option? As I said earlier I am a bit of a technophobe so I am trying to keep the "fiddling" to a minimum as if it goes wrong at any point I know I am going to be stuffed and it will end up costing me more to get the pro's in to sort it out!! :eek: I am beginnig to think that it might be easier to buy another computer based on what you can get nowadays for about £800. :confused:


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Hi eminem

I was running Win2Pro. I was advised that XP is stablest. At first I had problems but it's settled down now, if that's possible. I've put it on 2 machines and networked. XP does it all for you.
The other thing for non techies is "System Restore". If you get a problem just revert to a previous point when it was stable.
I'm happy with it.


ps. you can upgrade from any OS.

BlueChip Trader

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eminem one other option is to take your pc box to your local independent PC repair shop (look in Yellow Pages) who will install it for you for little more than the cost of Xp pro cd.

Hope this helps.


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Trader333 - do you trade on the computer that has XP Home on it and was it upgraded to XP Home from another OS? Thanx.


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Right, I have one pc that has Win XP home which it came with and yes I use it for trading.

I have another pc that was upgraded from Win 98 to Win XP Pro (which I could use for trading as it is set up to do so as a backup) but I dont use it day in and day out. I have had no problems with either of them. I did have problems with Win 98 but since upgrading I have had none.

I think a lot of success or otherwise for upgrading depends on what you may have had on your pc to start with and the hardware. For me all works well at present and I hope that it continues that way.



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Aha, thanks for that Paul. Might have swayed my decision then, get a new computer as I don't have a backup computer anyway, a new comp would come with XP Home from the ones I have looked at.


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If you look around XP Pro is on a few new ones as well, depending on where you get them... Dell seem keen on it, although XP Home has certainly got the edge with people like Simply and so on.


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Cheers BlueChip, I will have a look at that site. Have you used europc yourself? Good/bad experience?
The ones that I had looked at (and I was being lazy really) was the stuff from Computer World/Time. On the face of it their upgrade systems (no monitor, speakers, printers - got those anyway) seemed to be very well specced, XP2600+, 1Gb DDR ram, 160GB HDD, DVD burner, ++, etc for about £800 - maybe I am being lazy and their are better deals out there, I will have to search around a bit. Thanx for the advice anyway.
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