DVD decoder upgrade - help!


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I have just upgraded to Windows XP Home, finally! I have a built-in DVD drive which now doesn't work as a DVD, it will run as a CD drive though. I require an upgrade to the decoder to get it to run properly and it seems the only way to upgarde is at extra cost - does anyone know of a way to upgrade the decoder free of charge? It seems a bit of a rip off to think that I can't now use the DVD equipment just because I have improved the base software of the computer :mad: Microsoft?? Micro-shaft the user more like!!

The software is Win DVD I believe, any advice will be welcome.
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Good question. The DVD came in a Tiny PC package, 2 1/2 years old. I take it that I will need to get the side panel off to find out the name of it, asssuming you mean the name of the DVD player? If you mean software, it runs on InterVideo WinDVD software if thats any help?

If that hasn't answered your question let me know, I'm pretty clueless with computers.
Load up Power DVD 4 and you should be away. Your problem has nothing to to with the physical DVD player. If you're stuck, email me.
Hi eminem,

Go to the link below click divx and download free version, size 3.6mb. This should work. I have it running on my kids pc with win xp pro.


If this fails then please send me PM with your address and I'll post you a WIN DVD 4.0Plus CD.

I loaded the DIVX software and now the computer at least recognises the player as a DVD and not CD player. However, it still won't play DVD's.... is this a driver problem??