upgrading from win 98


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I have win 98 on my laptop. Can I upgrade that to atleast win :confused: 2000. What product do i need or download. Thanks for info
Using Win95 you are sure going to be extinct soon as the OS ain't that stable compared to 2000/XP

unstable ? win95 ?
perish the thought.
havent had to reboot for oh, at least 3 days !
but I know my way round it backwards (well almost)
and they are going to have to drag me away screaming
before I give that up.

also I gather you have to reformat C: etc
and reload all your software.

Cue for George Grossmith's Nightmare song !
I was steeling myself to buy a new pc but my son persuaded me to buy a new 60GB HDD and install a new matrox twin head graphics card (to add to the existing twin head), and install Win2000 pro. Fraction of the cost of a new PC and the improvement in speed and stability has been unbelievable.

So grasp the nettle and install Win2000 Pro or XP pro on a new HDD. They don't last forever, and a 60Gig HDD will cost you about £60.
I have 2 pc's already and 80gig hdd
could do with a network card though.

not sure I understand why you get an increase in speed ?
perhaps the pro version is unique ?

my biggest problem on speed is my isp as we are not allowed to
have broadband in this part of the world unless we get
permission from Herr BT.

boo hoo
Bonsai - can't account for the increase in speed. I had Win 98 with a PIII-667 cpu, a 15Gb HDDD and 576 mb of RAM - and it was sllloooowwwww - esp with multiple windows open! A full update for TC2000 took about 15 mins.

The only changes were the ones I mention above, and now a TC2000 update takes 50 secs, and I can have a dozen or more windows open on 3 monitors no problem. The internet runs much faster as well. I got suspicious when my laptop with a 56k modem and XP Pro was at least 5 times quicker than the 128kbs ISDN I run on my pc (no broadband here either)!
Windows 98 to XP Upgrade

I did this two weeks ago.

At the first attempt, after an apparantly successful upgrade, XP decided that my modem was a network card and refused to play. Microsoft advised me to go back to Windows 98.

I then installed ADSL and upgraded again.

This time no serious problems with internet access but during the course of the upgrade Outlook Express lost my Emails. Microsoft support have been unable to recover them.

Also, MoneyAM streaming data stopped working. They told me it was nothing to do with them, rather unhelpful. One person there told me (after being a user with a firewall for six months) that it was my firewall causing the problem and I should not have a firewall installed when using their streaming data. I explained that you would need to be stark staring mad to trade online without one.

Microsoft told me that they have a policy of only allowing two calls to the help line for XP upgrades. I explained that they were complete morons and I was off to Linux. (MoneyAM streaming data does not work with Linux). They promptly marked my account for unlimited phone calls and started calling me to resolve the problem. Every Tom Dick and Harry at Microsoft is now calling me. No call yet from Bill though.

We have given up on the Emails.

It would appear that MoneyAM require Jave Build 3805 which you download from them. but XP keeps upgrading itself everytime you go online and overwrites Java 3805 with a Sun version which is not compatible with MoneyAM.

Needless to say no one has a solution but mysteriously the streaming data started working of its own volition yesterday.
So, who knows what the truth is.

Sorry to be so negative.

John Webster
Um.... For those that may have missed RedE's post I'd like to reiterate - DO NOT UPGRADE. My experience of this is months of instabillity and then having to format the HD and start with a fresh installation.

Would that I had done that in the first place..!!

We live and learn (occasionally :eek: )

I have heard those sorts of stories about xp a hundred times.
you are definitely not alone.
Some people never listen. I'll repeat it too. XP UPGRADE is fatal. Bite the bullit and do a clean install.
I used an 98/XPHome upgrade. Format and do a clean install. They ask you to insert previous CD to show you are eligible. It's cheaper than buying the full OS, but it's still the full OS. As I said before, if you're not sure http://blackviper.com/index.html will walk you thru it, pictures and all. You could run 2 OS.

Good luck
Oatman is right about this. It’s cheaper to buy WinXP Pro/Home Upgrade Edition(s) and then do a clean install.

The upgrade versions will cheerfully install normally on a freshly formatted partition provided you’re able to insert a "valid" Win98, WinME or Win2K CD, when you’re prompted to do so.

There is no problem with this approach in my experience.

The cheapest way in is to purchase an OEM edition, but you'll only be able to install it on a single machine - or more precisely, it can only be activated for use on a single machine.



<i>or more precisely, it can only be activated for use on a single machine.</i>

There are ways ;0)

....indeed...there are better programmers with abilities outside than inside MSFT...!!!!
Hi JonnyT,

Oooohhh! Do you mean ways going beyond phoning those nice people at MS and telling them that you’ve just made a major upgrade your nice new (old) machine – and that you (an enthusiast!) therefore need a new activation code?

Do tell? :LOL:


Hi Mayfly,

Use a valid code that you happen to of obtained then simply carry out one registry hack to stop the machine alerting Microsoft!

It will then activate and Windows Update apparently.

I tried that one(transfer code) JonnyT, it didn't work :( . I foned M$ and a nice Irishman just read off the number, no questions :LOL: