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From a non user point of view, looking from the sidelines, it sounds as though the customers are being expected to find the bugs in the system. Meanwhile, time is money, so guess you should also be asking for some recompense for your time. Might be more in it than a profit from the market in these current times!!!

Good luck



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Hi Stone,

I downloaded Build 235 last night and installed it hoping for great things.

The 235 Build has not made any discernible improvements. The software has 4 main features: -

1. Portfolio- using the icon button from the bottom bar and selecting load existing still freezes the program and can only be rectified by switching off the power to the computer. There is still no cash management system; The Broker system does not calculate stamp duty and the edit button merely allows commission rates to be set.

2. Newstore; I am still unable to access historical data, and , I am still without any saved data for March.

3. Analysis: I have been unable to spend too much time testing this, as it is impossible to save a chart. It appears to work but there is no point spending time if the work cannot be saved.

4. Quotescreen: This is the best feature at present. Except for the quick column, which duplicates itself, and the recent arrows, which ignore the colour settings, it is very good. However one of its main features, much talked about in adverts and magazine articles by David Linton, is the Stock picking facilities. These do not work and obviously have not been tested properly. A simple example is to seek the new high and new lows of shares within the FTSE350. Using the same parameters for the search you get identical reports, both listing in alphabetical order.

I am embarrassed to say that after 3 weeks and 4 downloads of builds, I have given up, thrown in the towel, accepted defeat. I am the weakest link.

I have asked for my money back under the Sale of Goods Act provisions, followed this up by e-mail and taken the opportunity to look up the telephone number of Wandsworth Trading Standards, just in case. I am not expecting a battle.

The software will be excellent once it is all working, it's just taking too long for me to bother with anymore. I will be one of the first to buy it once it has been demonstrated to work. The Updata staff are all very professional, but they have lacked adequate testing and quality control in my opinion and in any event Updata has done itself a great disfavour in releasing software with so many problems.

Obviously the above is my own personal opinion based on my experiences, others may well have drawn different conclusions from the same experience.

Sad, but it's hit my stop loss and must go,
Regards and very good luck


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Continuing the Saga

Hi Guys,
Ref Trader II-I am loath to say this in case it all comes tumbling down on top of me-but things seem to be working OK (although not tried all features yet). I had some problems with the data mining and charts but that was due to me not setting things up properly -helpdesk got it going.Portfolio is a mess but I use Fairshares so not such a bother although it should work as we are paying for it.Like Joe I think that it will be an excellent programme when it is as stable as Trader pro was-but since I am not having as many porbs I will stick with it for now.Issue for Updata is that in future I will be waiting for a good while before I trade up agan to any new progs.Hope things get better for you guys.Overall I think they have a great package in the making but have not done themselves any favours in the short term
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