AIQ - Any Good?


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This AIQ software seems to get mentioned by a few people; what's it like? Does anyone have this and something else such as Updata - how does it compare? Is the support good? I've had a quick look at their web site, but can't find any independent reviews anywhere.

I'm getting fed up with the various free charting web-sites (Big Charts, Prophet Charts etc) and their limitations. It seems you can get loads of TA tools but no UK data, or UK data and bog all TA, but not both. And never any proper intraday. It might be time I spent (invested) some cash in some s/w!


AIQ is good for charting. excellent in fact. When you think you are ready to deicate some time to it, you can get a 1 month free trial. EOD data has to be bought separately at £100 pa all in inc. weekly updates. Not cheap but 99.99% correct data. The free data feed from the US is apalling. You need to decide if you want to do US or not. AIA can't( easily) be used to do both. Come into UK chat room for more input.....