AIQ Charting Accuracy


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Can anyone explain why AIQ occasionally have EOD charting data different to everyone else!

Yesterday 10th, they S&P500 record EOD data close as 984.84 which seems to be correct data, but their S&P500 chart stopped at 976.95. This seems too far apart for comfort.

Anyone any idea's why? Is there any history on this subject?

AIQ fail to respond via email so far.

Monday's S&P ended at around 976.95, and Tuesday's S&P ended at around 984.84 - so are you sure you are comparing the same days? Just a thought.
Thanks Skimbleshanks,

You cracked it. Some times the blindingly obvious is too difficult to see!

The whole of Tuesday's chart (10th) is missing, no wonder it didn't follow on, where has that gone to I wonder?

This also happens if you try to access any charts for - Friday's charts - over the weekend, irritating to say the least.

AIQ/Mytrack also had a flat line day on 5th with the S&P chart data, although the EOD exit was correct.

I'll just keep complaining and hope they get it right more than times than they get it wrong.


My input- MyTrack is OK for US Data but appaling for UK EOD Data, or at least it was. May be they've cleaned up their data.....
AIQ/Mytrack now confirm that they are having problems with historical data for S&P 500 & FTSE. 10/11/12 June charts are missing for both indices.

Little chance they will reappear now apparently.