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Aiq Uk Eod

I am looking into obtaining AIQ but after having read some posts on this site i am having doubts about Mytrack UK EOD reliability .

Which is the best service for AIQ and UK EOD and how do i obtain it ie do i do seperately?Also does it come with historical data?

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Have to back up what CM says, AIQ EOD is pretty poor, far too many spikes, also I had probs getting fundamentals as UK was classed as a foreign exchange.

Know a few people who run Sharescope EOD and rate it
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I have used AIQ EOD for about 7 years. It comes with clean backdata from Trendline UK. I use Prestel for my EOD feed and it's quite reasonable, and Bob Debnam of Trendline UK provides a data maintenance file every week that cleans up any spikes, sorts out stock splits, changes to FTSE 100 and Techmark constituents etc. I've always been pretty happy with it.

Having said that, lots of peeps rate Sharescope very highly. I think AIQ is the superior TA package, but Sharescope is pretty good for screening and very competitively priced.
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Thank you all for your incredibly prompt replies.

Yes i had looked at Sharescope by downloading the demonstration and was impressed with the ease of use,speed and uncluttered feel of the screen.My only misgiving here was in the rather narrow range of filters available for sifting.In this area i think AIQ offers more versatility.On consideration I thought that if one had a fairly static portfolio of shares,Sharescope would be the one to have but that if one wants to consistently scan for rotations and 'position' trade as i tend to prefer i thought AIQ the better product.Of course to cover myself i suppose at only £11.00 a month i could use Sharescope as a double check on price once AIQ had thrown up possible trades.Although again perhaps this path would lead to frustration if too many differences were uncovered by this method.Dear oh dear sometimes those that say that trading is more of an art than an exact science do have a point!
Once again thanks to all,
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