What software?


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Hello everybody at trade2win.

I visited the Updata open day yesterday and found Jeff Hunter's talk the most enjoyable. Thanks.

Being new to the subject I would be interested to know what software some of you may recommend. I have seen a little of Updata and Indexia and have enquired about Trendline Training which offers AIQ.

I am interested particularly in spread betting and have used the igindex site for my trading decisions.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Hi Do and welcome to trade2win

I personally use AIQ, Omnitrader and Updata and find them all really useful but in different ways and would not want to be without any of them.
I would recomend that you get as many demos as you can get and see which one suits your style of trading.
I know AIQ and Omnitrader do free trials also spend some time looking at the old post on the board do a search and you will find a wealth of comment and info on all the trading systems.

Glad you enjoyed the talk on Friday we will be doing some trading lectures live at trade2win soon covering all aspects of trading.

MX, could you list the respective strengths of AIQ, OmniTrader & Updata as you see them in day-to-day trading. Thanks.