Good old Indexia plus 2 Help


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This may seem like a strange, and out of date, request.
Despite evolution and Updata, I have held on to Indexia plus .

However, I have had to upgrade my laptop and have discovered that my new computer does not support LPT port (it does but via USB) and therefore the hardware key that is required to run Indexia plus 2 fails to function. I have been in touch with Sony and they confirm that hardware keys have to be upgraded.

Does anyone know how to get around this problem (ie How can I get around the hardware key)

If my memory is correct Indexia used to be Hardware lock free originally.

Or do I have to approach Updata.

Thanking anyone who can assist.
Hi Mully,

I’m not sure about this, but I don’t see why you can't just use an adapter, like this one:

It's got the connection for the dongle and so I can’t see why shouldn’t work for you, but I really don’t know if you still need the hardware keys to install the software and so I suggest you contact Updata and ask them?

Sorry, I couldn’t be of any more help. :(



PS: The old Indexia board is still available and so you could try looking through that?!
Indexia - a real gas from the past! My first charting package - I was young then :)
Just can't imagine Updata helping, maybe a personal letter to JDuP might get a result.
Have you though of just using an old PC for your Indexia2? Alternatively you could overcome the limitations of Indexia (DOS, max 2500 files etc) by snapping up an old version of Metastock and getting data from one of the many EOD providers. I use Findata which works well.
I would be very interested as to how you got a USB Key I have some similar problems maybe we can help each other