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Updata are very anxious that I should renew my subscription with them which expires shortly and at the same time upgrade to Trader Pro II. I am not so sure and am thinking of putting the money towards AIQ.

Does anyone have any experience of TP II, is it any less problematic than TP I? Dr Iraj was pretty scathing about TP I, indeed my copy is currently crashing every single time I try and use Analytics. I haven't bothered trying to sort it out because I am so close to the end of my subscription.

I had a demo of AIQ with EDS about six months ago, and while I could see its potential, I never got the hang of updating, which seemed a bit of a palava compared to the "one click updating" I was used to in ShareScope, so my trial wasn't very fruitful.

I realise they are very different programs and some features of TP are very useful (when it is working) ie real time prices, trades, graphs and news, but it lacks the intelligent software in AIQ.

Can anyone who is familiar with TP II give me some information on its reliability, as I am torn between these two programs.

Many thanks


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Trader Pro II

Hi, I am awaiting TP II after having used TPI for a number of years-I find TPI works fine and have been happy with it-I will let you know when I get TP II in the next couple of weeks-I guess that TPII and AIQ may perform different functiona and it may be down to what you are looking for-I certainly would not be without the Real Time prices etc but also am aware that certainly TPI lacks a lot in terms of analytics and Portfolio mgt-will post some comments on TP II when I have had a chance to use it.
If you see my response to MX in another thread, you will see that I loaded Trader 11 on Saturday and after 3 hours removed it. At that stage despite all protestations that it had been fully teseted it was lacking in a number of fundementals that I will not list here.

I contacted Updata on Monday and have been dealing with Richard Teal ever since. At present I am awaiting a fix file that will put right the items I have complained of.

I regularly use Updata 1 on my PC with the real time updates. The new program will be excellent once the patch is installed. I was intending to extend my original comments on the other thread, but will now do so on this one.

There is still one issue outstanding ( a cash management system for the portfolio) and that is promised next week. How anyone can test a portfolio without a cash system defeats me!

At present they are still being responsive and I will post the results.

Trader II

You may have been one of the unlucky ones who got in early before it was fully functioning-I know my copy has been delayed so they can rectify some "issues" that they have had-so hopefully things are being ironed out and you will get sorted soon-I will post some thoughts when I have received the software-estimated end of next week beginning of week after ???I agree with your comments re Portolio-after much thought I have taken the plunge and spent more(will it ever stop) on Fairshares as it is reckoned to be about the top Portolio mgt tool-hopefully it lives up to its press and also hope I dont need to spend any more cash on software for a while-though at least I have something to show for it -these days I am getting nothing putting cash into the Market !! : )
Hi Burney,
I use Fairshares for my portfolio records and have found it to be excellent. The only reason I want the Updata portfolio is to see my current share values. ( they're in a nice red colour, I'm told it also does blue)

I use AIQ, Metastock and now Omnitrader for obtaining trading prospects. Updata for real time Fairshares for my portfolio and Investorease for its bits and pieces.

Bought out of profits when I was flush early last year, most of which I have since lost.

I retired early so treat it as a hobby. My long term investments are safe and secure with Killiks.

I will keep you informed as I get to know anything.

The stupid thing is that Trader 11 has a number of good features which enhance Trader 1. I wish people would test properly before releasing. I have past experience of software testing for a large company and am not readily fooled. (I go back to 1969 and punched tapes)

Fortunately like Victor Meldrew I know my rights and have the capacity to enforce them, but would prefer working software.

....and strength to your elbow Joe !! Punched cards eh?? Not many on this board will understand that LOL.


I have been using AIQ with MyTrack for a couple of years now, and as a TA package I really like it. In particular I like the flexible approach to charging in that after getting in from the "dayjob" I can only trade R/T with the S&P emini in the evenings. The basic package is $59 per month, which includes R/T S&P, S&P emini, Nasadq and Dow. Everything else is 15 mins delayed. You also have access to end of day data for any instrument you care to mention and download to create a new file. I have never had any trouble with it. If I take some time off to trade the FTSE I only need to pay for an upgrade for that month and then revert to the basic package at the end of the month if I know that I won't have time to use the full version. You can even get out completely and pay nothing for a month if you want to (holidays etc)
I have received a partial fix for the program but there are a number of items outstanding ( not the least a cash management system) before I am willing to withdraw my request for a refund. I have sent a list of "must haves" to Updata; so far they have been very responsive and I live in hopes. I certainly would still not reccomend a purchase at this stage.

I have received a second patch, still no cash management system. The patch cures some problems but has introduced 2 new methods of crashing.

I have sent a list of about 14 outstanding items to Updata with a copy to the CEO David Linton.

It is now over 14 days since I was supplied with the software and it is still not fit for purpose or of merchantable quality in my opinion. WHEN it works it will be very good, but for now steer clear.

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Updata have released a update to Trader 2 today available from there website now.

I have spoken directly to the programmer and we have resolved the difficulties. Whilst there are more fixes to come . The program is now good enough to use and is rapidly approaching being excellent.

I have to say that the Updata staff have been very approachable and helpful throughout and are still listening for fixes, enhancements and wish lists.

I am no longer seeking my money back.

Joe I understand that the program is much easier to update than the old Updata so fixes and improvements can be applied on a regular basis.

Lets hope so

I see no reason why not, it has tremendous potential, that's why I bothered.
Joe, thanks for the e-mail.

This turned out to be an interesting thread. I haven't purchased anything yet, I think I will give Updata a little more time.

I have now been running the lastest build for 2 days No crashes running very smooth now looking good.


I think that is a very wise move on your part to delay purchase.

Each patch improves the software and introduces a new fault. ( the charts are no longer able to be saved).

They are getting there, and the software will be brilliant when it all works.

I am content to keep it and await the improvements, but I would wait if I was you. One of the main purposes of this BB is to share experiences (good or bad) for the benefit of us all.

I am happy to give updates from time to time.

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The screens give excellent real-time information in a good format. The reports, when they work, will be excellent. The charts apart from the above problem already are first class.

I use the portfolio and cash management system on Updater Trader 1, also the data mining system.
Neither are yet working properly on Trader11.

I have received 3 patches in 2 weeks and will shortly be shouting for a fourth.

As I say above I am happy to stay in now I'm in, but if I wasn't in I would steer clear for now.

Any opinion expressed is my own and is based on MY OWN personal experience, others are of course free to differ.

like Joe I live in Stoke and have Pro 2.
I also have 2 screens and the latest version is supposed to work on them properly (Pro 1 was superb for that)

The latest fix makes it works on 2 screens but enlarge or tile a window and it goes all over both screens.

Unimpressed? That would be kind.

And the advertising makes claims unsupported by the program and there is no on screen help.

When it works it will be good. At present it's an absolute disgrace releasing half tested badly documented software .. to say I am unhappy is putting it mildly.
The Updata staff are very helpful but quality control and testing seem non existent.

In this day and age totally unacceptable. I suggest anyone wishing to buy waits six months and asks for a user demonstartion and some satisfied users.

I cannot use it: not stable and all these glitches.