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I have found some predictive patterns using TCNET/TC2000 (#1 ranked) software. Specifically their Time Segmented Volume indicator/study.
Accuracy is in the 85-95% range on stocks and Indexes.

Sorry, we do not permit unsolicited advertising.

I give free workshops in the USA
This was an offer to those interested since I charge $5000.00 for my two day class.

USA's #1 Mkt timer by USIC ,
Any TC2000 /TCNET users out ther ?
I will be open to having a social meetng / drinks Thursday nite in London. Aug 28th. Meet fellow users and chat about themkts.

Pick a place convenient for London users.
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And then the shark eats the mackerel.

Hmmn, Drinks and a get together. Then the free workshop, then the 2 day course for $5000.

There are a few users of TC2000 here. Though I doubt you will get any takers for the drinkies.

Who was it that rated you no 1? USIC?
Who are they?

There is absolutly no one on here that has found or is using a 'black box' system that works.
Everthing 'works' in hindsight with cherry picking etc etc.
And everyone must find their own trading styles that suit. Which includes differing time frames; but once a certain point is reached it becomes investing instead of trading. (Usually when the trade loss becomes too much to bear.)

I personally don't want to be in a losing trade for longer then 30 seconds. They have a uncanny ability to turn into distasters.
<i>There is absolutly no one on here that has found or is using a 'black box' system that works.</i>

Speak for yourself.
Is that $5000 to be part of a large group or is that for 1-2-1, Mr. Elliott?
Maybe you'd like to send me details. Just press the pm button and write your message. I'd like to know what you teach etc
Thank you, sir.
Quote " Accuracy is in the 85-95% range on stocks and Indexes.


This is impossible to achieve.. Market effeciency wont allow that kind of success rate.. if you said your black box had an accuracy of 55% then I would have met you in London..

Welcome to Trade2win..


Ps:-- back tested results wont count by the way
Thanks for the message, Mr. Elliott. What a shame all your classes are closed in the UK and your web site shows no venues for them.
Perhaps next time you grace our green and pleasant land you could give us more notice so we could come to your seminars, where ever they are held.
95% success rate is actually several per cent higher than my own which makes me feel quite cheap, as do your fees - which I am sure are worth every cent.
You have a good trip back home, now, and fly safely.
A snippet from his biography:
"David’s first book, Everyone’s Guide to Making A MILLION DOLLARS on the Year 2000 Crash was published in 1998. He is currently writing another, Beat the Street, which is expected out in late summer of 2001."

Yeah, I know, you're just so busy selling courses that you've not had a minute to update your website for the last two years.

I also notice that you are flogging: "David Elliott's PRACTICAL TECHNIQUES FOR TRADERS for $150 (+ 6.95 s&h). This is the entire 101 class, taught by David Elliott. Filmed February of 2000, Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida"

Errr ... this was at the height of the bull bubble, where every stock rocketed. I'm surprised that you feel it appropriate to sell it bearing in mind today's market conditions. Oh yeah, of course, silly me - it makes you money.

I'm cynical.
There is a difference between cynical, and technical I.Q.
I suggest you suffer from the lack of the latter, or logic, IMO.

Technical analysis does not care what kind of market we are in.
Your logic would also suggest that no one could teach or tape anything during the bottom of a Bear market, or in sideways trendless market!

Many of the greatest technical analysis works came out before, (bubble) and during the the great depression. (Gann, Elliott)

What did you write and publish predicting the 2000 Market bubble pop in 1998? Did you even know we were in a bubble in 1998?

I'll be sure let my wife know you object to the 2001 reference.
Shame on her.

If you read futher you would have read The 101 Video is 100% money back guaranteed!
No refunds have ever been requested.

My Advanced Equity Trading DVD's were produced in the last 10 months FYI. Also are 100% money back guarantee.

What technical analysis do you give that you would guarantee a 100% refund?
I can guarantee you that you have never met anyone that does a 100% seminar gurantee. None do that I see on this web site.

All seminars I give are at the demand, and request of traders.
I don't run ads or radio/TV spots. "Flog" would suggest I am promoting to the public. A passive web page is not "flogging".
What's yours look like?

I was invited to come and give a seminar in GB by traders.

I thought it would be nice to try and find, and meet some more techncial traders while in the country. I'd like to learn more about the British and German markets.

Let me know when you are invited to the US, by traders, to give a tecnical seminar. :)

I'll pay to see it. And, bring you a bag full of more rocks.
In the mean time keep tossing. ;-)
Actually, Mr. Elliott, Skim is a very fine and highly intelligent trader. She is one of the very few people I have a very high regard for and she is certainly worthy of respect from anybody.
I coach myself and am used to cynicism, which is perfectly healthy and normal.
There are ways of dealing with that cynicism which IMO are reasonable and sensible. For example I provide the trading records of someone I have coached, (who was kind enough to allow their release), and can provide the email addresses of many others so prospective students can talk to them and ask questions.
I am in the debt of all those people who kindly allow me to refer to them.
I don't think Skim intended any rudeness to you, she merely voiced the normal reaction to startling claims.
Please be kind enough to treat her with the considerable respect she deserves.
Thank you for your attention.
Is there any news about the TTW shop? I hope that when it is open all these advertisers will use it and not clutter the main website.

I would like to see the small print on that 100% guarantee. I have seem some before that make it too complicated to claim the money back. It is a well known sales ploy and relies on the fact that most people wont ask for money back. I suppose if they are daft enough to part with the money in the first place, they don't deserve to get it back. If you think about it, a sensible person would claim the money back if the product was good or bad. This is a cut-throat business and I would claim my money back to use as capital to test the system.
There is absolutly no one on here that has found or is using a 'black box' system that works.

There are evidently black box systems that do work. There are some that have worked for a very long time and are continuing to do so.

For example Aberration. What doesn't work is people who expect a continuous one way ticket from such a system. Aberration for example may give you a 40% drawdown prior to zooming to the stars.

There are many others that work also, though the ones trading Index Futures do tend to have a shelf life.

First Wave:

Not, "thank you for pointing out that my website is two years out of date, and I'll get my wife to correct it," but a torrent of insults including one in particular which really is quite disgusting.

There's a very easy way of telling who the old frauds are; just challenge them on one little point and wait. When they respond with insults they've proved you right.

You're only on these boards because you're a vendor and need to sell a $5,000 two-day course; I'm not. Hell will freeze over before I take a single penny for imparting my knowledge, skills and experience on trading to others, like many of the traders on these boards.

Oh, and of course I've not been barred by NASD, the body which regulates the US securities industry and virtually all US stockbrokers and brokerage firms, but I understand that you were barred in February 1992 for violations of NASD rules.

Here you are, just above halfway down the list: http://www.the-ria.com/usareg.html
I've got a great system too.....buy/sell whatever instrument you trade......wait until you get a profit...this could be from 1hour up to 6months......then close and take your profit.....easy
for more details of my system please send £2000 by courier in a brown envelope,whom I will meet in a service station on M25,and exchange my valuable work based on Fib/Gann/Pivot/EW/moon/day of week/NASA/nuclear physics/......for this modest sum

There is always, always, always one obvious flaw in selling any system or coaching. If it works or if you know how to make money trading, you would DO IT! You would make yourself a multi-millionaire or multi-billionaire; you wouldn't be jacking around selling 'systems' or lessons. If anything you would not want to share your formula.

Now I'm not having a 'go' at people offering training in market usage or play (as long as there are not 'come ons' of guaranteed success). Best is self-training, own experience, your OWN research and study, your own determination to find out and succeed.

Of course, although new to this BB, still, like others on this BB, I willingly compare notes and can offer lots of thoughts. But I would still not divulge my actual programme or strategy .. its taken an awful lot of homework to get where I wanted to be with an approach that works (and the UNDERSTANDING of the market ie DOW, that you need above all).