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having worked at investment banks I can assure you they are more focused on risk models and fundamentals than technicals. It is such a small part of their trading its almost not worth discussing. Where has the author has sourced the info regarding investment banks and their use of technicals, is it just an assumption! they do put out technical analysis for clients but I have been very close to those teams across several investment banks and it was more of a public display than anything else. They tend to use junior analysts for this as well, people that don't trade for a living.


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Quite interesting and extremely well written. I completely agree with the first point. Technical Analysis is never meant only for short term, however it has been seen that short term traders (day traders and swing traders) will usually benefit more from technical analysis however anyone, including positional traders, can take the benefits of technical analysis.
Thank you.Very informational.
For TA , shud find a chart that is going upward other than fundamentally strong.At least that is what i understand.


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almost screams the obvious.....why do so many forex traders still use so many indicators that were created for other markets ?
Wow, this is a very cool article for me. Some Technical Analysis Myths are firmly stuck in my head and you helped to fix it. This is probably due to the fact that I am very inexperienced in this field and I used to listen to stupid rumors. Now I am trying to get better at marketing and I would like to see more similar articles as I recently used the services of social media marketing agency newcastle and I would like to reach their level in order to become independent in the future. I'm sure there are still a lot of myths associated with this.
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