Trading the Dow using Spreadbets


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Following on from some work I have done on trading the Dow using spreadbets and a number of comments I have received the following link will take you to the guide.

Trading Spreads

follow the Techniques link and it is the only one listed.

It includes commentary on stake sizing, stoplosses, trading the Dow in general, Do's and Don'ts, position sizing and a number of methods that can be used to trade the Dow.

The basis of the guide was to try to identify methods which reduced the effect of SB company price bias and there is an explanation of what this is. The two methods which use support and resistance as entry and exit points are both aimed at minimising the effect of bias.

It is still very much a work in progress and I am currently testing the methods I have proposed. Initial indications are good and they seem to work very well, if applied with discipline.

JPWone - Updated or neglected?


Many thanks for your wise posts on T2W. I notice that you are indeed active up to the present day. However, this is incongrous with the various dates on your website.

Is the information on the website still relevant?
If not would we be better without seeing it?

If it is still why not set up some posts on T2W to outline the various strategies or else update the actual website itself and make a post to this effect on T2W?

I look forward to hearing from you.

John :cheesy:
Hi John

yes, I've neglected the site. Its largely been a time thing but a fair amount of laziness on my part must be admitted as well :)

Large parts are still relevant and whilst I no longer use the techniques (as described on the site) they still form a useful starting point for someone wishing to develop them further. One of the problems I have with updating the site is that the techniques that I now use (largely developed from the methods shown) are not ones I wish to share at this time. A bit selfish on my part but a lot of work has gone into them and whilst i'm actively using them I don't intend to publish the details. When I update the site I will illustrate the methods I currently use but in a broader fashion and without the level of detail which I previously published.

It has been my intention to update the site for a while now and I will make some time this year but it is not high on my priorities at the moment. To be honest it is not even on the bottom rung of the to-do list but once some bigger projects have been put to bed I will have another look at it.

It is nice to see there is still some interest in the site and whilst it gets very few visitors I hope that any visiting find something useful.

JPWone (John)
Nice to hear TradingSpreads is still relevant


Thanks for the prompt response.

I completely understand where you're coming from - indeed providing even what you did for free is invaluable in and of itself. The only suggestion I would make would be to get rid of dates etc. from the site because the fact that it looks out of date might mean that someone who happens across it will dismiss it as being out of date and of no use when it is in fact very useful.

I look forward to your updates. As I also mentioned, if you wanted to provide a quick general flavour of them on T2W I'm sure it would be appreciated (and no doubt critically assessed which could also be of benefit to yourself).


John :D
Sorry jpwone,
I just cannot find the techniques link when I open the Trade Spreads web page and I would be very interested in this. Could you help me a little further with a few directions please ?
Your assistance would be much appreciated.
Thank you