Trading, Stress, Psychosensory Therapies


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Been thinking about meditation, mindfulness, and spiritual stuff.
I have known about EMDR and EFT (acupressure point tapping) for a while, and more recently, Havening. (touch therapy)

It dawned on me that they seem to have the same roots, whereby a stressor, or trauma, can be re-encoded into the memory, by remembering the trauma and simultaneously triggering some sensory overlay.
This lead me to look at psychosensory therapies, as a root principle.

From a traders perspective, stress, or anxiety over taking a trade, holding a trade, or closing a trade can sometimes be overwhelming.

For those newbies, who may be prone to such anxieties, I wonder if you could incorporate Havening into your daily schedules?
Just as an experiment. No medication involved. No cost. Mostly 10-15 minutes of your time.
Maybe at the beginning of the day. And a closing session at end of trading.

EMDR was an early prototype idea, where traumas could have their impact diminished by carrying out eye-movements, and some muscle testing.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy); tapping on acupressure points whilst thinking about an anxiety or phobia, whilst also carrying put eye-rolls, counting and singing,
(any number of YT channels show this, but Gary Craig was the earliest proponent of this)

Havening, similar to EFT, except stroking of the arms, eye-moves, counting and visualisation.
There are some scientific studies which seem to give some positive results for EFT and Havening, especially for PTSD type events.
(Paul McKenna has a good YT exposition of Havening)

Wiki "psychosensory therapy", as a starting point.

Hope this is useful for the mindset side of trading.


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That is interesting. During trading it is improtant to appreciate the effect your emotions and the way your mind works as a result. So such a therapy might really prove to be helpful and assist you in making more rational decisions.


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Good idea. Ive read a lot of different tips to help calm down for traders but never seen this suggestion before. I might give it a try!
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