Kerry supporters still ranting as group therapy hits second week

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Fifteen John Kerry supporters met Thursday for a second group therapy session in South Florida, ranting at President Bush as they vented their self-described “emotional helplessness” to mental health counselors.
Participants in the American Health Association-sponsored support session, designed to treat what psychotherapists call Post Election Selection Trauma (PEST), allowed the general press to cover them for the first time on condition of anonymity.
“I haven’t been able to sleep since the election,” Sharon, a retiree from Delray Beach, told the group. “There is no sense of fairness. There is hypocrisy and a feeling of impotence. I feel hopeless, powerless.”
“I feel like I live in a dictatorship,” added an elderly woman from West Palm Beach, making gagging sounds as she described the reasons people voted for Bush. “The election was rigged and it was rigged in a lot of ways. It’s scary.”
Although the support group shouted just as vehemently at the president as last week, when the Boca Raton News reported on their first PEST meeting, mental health counselors from the non-profit AHA said their patients were making progress.
“We’re a step closer,” Rob Gordon, group facilitator and AHA executive director, said afterwards. “Now that we’ve had two weeks to vent, we’ll move to the actuality stage next Thursday. We’ll introduce some meditation techniques and psychiatric theories which may help them.”
The predominantly Jewish support group members, almost all of them Palm Beach County Democrats who are older than 50, frequently shouted as Gordon led their discussion Thursday.
“Do you feel Bush was elected?” Gordon asked, prompting a collective shout of “No!” followed by conspiracy theories.
“What happened to compassionate conservatism?” Gordon asked.
“It’s a lie!” said one participant. Another said, “It’s an oxymoron!”
“Oh, my goodness!” added a third, gasping for breath.
Participants also ranted against what they called the “corporate right-wing takeover” of the news media.
“Howard Dean made that shout and look what the press did to him,” said one woman from Boynton Beach. “They made him look like he was crazy.”
“People are being brainwashed,” said another. “We get better information from the European press than from our own newspapers.”
“This war is ridiculous,” said a man named Bernie. “It should never happen. There’s certainly going to be a draft and the media won’t even report how many people have been killed.”
“I’m scared for our young people,” said Alfred, a retired professor who called the Nov. 2 presidential election a “triumph of Madison Avenue advertising” during one of several red-faced rants.
On the issue of religion, the elderly PEST sufferers were especially animated.
“The Republicans have gotten away with phony spirituality,” said Alfred. “The Jeffersonian ideal of separation between church and state is going to hell.”
“There’s more of them than us,” said a woman named Joyce, referring to “red state” voters. “That’s scary.”
“The Supreme Court terrifies me,” said Sharon, the Delray retiree who can’t sleep. “Bush has the ability to stack that court.”
Gordon said, “I hear the suffering. I hear the pain. But what do we do about it? You all feel so powerless. But there are elections in 2006 and 2008.”
“We don’t have an advocate,” said one participant. “We’re missing an advocate for our cause.”
“Kerry had no clear policy or path,” added Toby, a woman. “I didn’t see it.”
“I have no faith in Hillary Clinton for 2008,” said a third woman. “I don’t think she can make it. She isn’t the answer.”
Gordon, who coined PEST, said he thought the group was getting closer to accepting the reality of losing the election.
“I guide and lead, but I don’t cure,” Gordon said. “They cure themselves. They’re bonding through the therapeutic process and they’re making the psychodynamic relationships that will guide them to a cure.”
The Boca-based AHA is treating a total of 60 Palm Beach County Kerry supporters in three weekly support groups. Only the group that meets Thursdays has agreed to allow reporters to attend – provided they do not publish any names, photos or locations.
“This nation has accepted George Bush’s re-election, but not the stress it has created,” Gordon said. “I don’t mind Republicans making fun of us. This isn’t about converting Democrats and independents to Republicans with the wave of a magic wand. It’s about helping otherwise normal people who were thrown into chronic depression or shock by Bush’s re-election.”
The Boca News first reported on Nov. 9 that depressed Florida Kerry supporters were seeking trauma therapy after refusing to accept the result of the Nov. 2 presidential election.
The AHA’s support group approach to curing the depressed Kerry partisans – which its therapists call “peer-based eclectic psychotherapy” – differs from some local psychologists who have used hypnosis to treat PEST.
One Boca psychologist alone, Douglas Schooler, treated 20 Kerry voters last month with intense hypnotherapy for a sliding fee. Schooler later said he had treated many of these patients – including a 44-year old Boca divorcee named Karen, who gave an exclusive interview to the Boca News – for mental problems prior to the election.
When Schooler’s business finally dried up in late November, he cited the Ohio recount, telling the Boca News he believed the recount had soothed the souls of wounded Democrats by providing an outlet for their emotions
At least Gore in 2000 had the decency to prolong the voting process into December - giving peace-loving Americans the opportunity to go through Thanksgiving and Yuletide by way of therapy.

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CKB - what are you doing in your spare time now to give vent to your (prematurely and hopefully temporarily halted) artistic talents?
Sweet .. Kerry practising all day the day prior to each of his encounters with Bush.
Kerry .. great long faced loser.
v. interesting and it will very likely apply to all humans at some point living their life as is, out.... including participants pursuing trading, I see it as 5 stages though.

1) Anger
2) Denial
3) Bargaining
4) Depression
5) Acceptance

We are gifted to experience all of the stages, for that is(part of) what it is to be human,perhaps if people understood this(developed awareness of themselves) they could minimise the time spent in each stage (detach from their own attachment) and get back to balanced mind and emotion.

Possibly at the core of all humans is compassion and love ,however perhaps without conscious evolution of "self" the sub conscious will assume control and dictate your very being.

Mr (or is it Doctor) Spok keeps telling James T. "Thats Most Illogical Captain". Well Spok isn't it very logical when you look at humans, how unaware of our own awareness we are and how we do not even begin the journey to find our very own core. (More consumed with providing ego and economic greed beyond security) Hence the enlightened crew member on Enterprise turns to Captain and announces " Its Life Jim But Not As We Know It"

I once read scribbled on a toilet wall "If ignorance is bliss then why do we seek knowledge?" Made me smile and I thought about it for a couple of hours, no not on the toilet.. :)

Ignorance meaning (lack of knowledge through unenlightenment), "ignorance is bliss" meaning to me, the opposite of awareness, awareness is painful at times because you see suffering all around, that can hurt if you assume too much ownership of that suffering.(as the people suffering need to evolve through it from it ,with assistance maybe) So perhaps we seek knowledge because weve been gifted with the capacity to do so,to evolve, and to be awake to ourselves and the world we live in, in our current energy form. But how many seek knowledge of themselves ?

I'm sure a great many successful traders have naturally ,by progression ,have had to take this route (of "self" knowledge) in order to become successful long term in trading and its probably more valuable to them than the money that results in trading effectively.

So awareness is a double edged sword but without holding it you are not living life as it is ment? to be lived. Its a gift accept it . There would be much less suffering in the world as people will "see" how they are behaving and simply not want to do harm to themselves/others or control others, or enslave them. It will be against their own core of their own natural true being.

Just a few thoughts off the toilet wall.

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BBB said:
Who cares?

Excellent , thats my point, at the core of every human is compassion .

Compassion being the human quality of understanding the suffering of others and wanting to do something about it.

But exposure to life on earth ,(your environment and all it demands) coupled with modern non thinking attitudes delays you in finding yourself, so to speak. Dont give up BBB. You owe it to yourself .

Merry christmas to you too BBB and if you are fortunate enough to be given a present ,look into the eye of the gift giver and see beyond the wrapping and contents of the gift itself. (do you see any value in whats meeting your gaze?) Yes thats right BBB for everything else theres Mastercard! Have a lovely day.

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