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Mar 27, 2004
TheBramble said:
However, I do sometimes fall prey to Overload .

Nothing to do with how many things or how much you have to do, but just a sudden and inexplicable feeling of complete boredom with EVERYTHING!!!

All the things that you're passionate about, interested in and spend most of your time (voluntarily) researching and educating yourself in - suddenly - you really can't be ar*ed.
Interesting you say that, I get a similar thing. The majority of my time is spent learning, creating, improving. When I'm not at work I'm either reading, learning something about computing, programming a new app, reading about trading, exercising. I do all of these things enthusiastically, jump out of bed with a spring in my step looking forward to achieving things. Kinda look at time spend lounging about as wasted time.

But then every now and again, I'm just numb to it. I don't want to do anything, and can't really concentrate on anything. Odd really, seems like watching a film would be too much hassle, reading a book more so. Like you I just invariably end up sleeping.

I've always put it down to overload rather than depression. I've got no reason to be depressed, only the day before I'd been looking forward to everything, then after I've slept it off and relaxed for a bit everything is back to normal.

I think even on my busy days I'm going to have to force myself to take a break. Do something mindless. I put it down to a personality type rather than anythng like depression. Just the type of person I am, not very consistent, I'm all or nothing.


Some of the latest theories on sleep see the REM period and dreaming as a time where we can release unexpressed emotions arising from our actions and thought from the previous day.

So for example if you had a blazing row with your wife before going to sleep BUT got everything off your chest, you would probably have a sound dreamless nights sleep.

However when trading we're confronted with so many emotions that cannot always be expressed. As such we might get overloaded and our brain needs to release or act out the emotions during sleep in a dream.

Sleeping lots doesn't necessarily mean you are depressed, but its a similar process. Depressed people often have negative ruminations and go over negative events and thoughts in their head, creating unexpressed emotions. Depressed people often sleep a significant amount and wake up feeling shattered, because there's too much for the brain to deal with during sleep.

Basically as you've said, it's your brains way of sorting itself out. Having a more balanced life. As already suggested, leading a more balanced life is the best solution. The right "balance" depends on our own personality type.

"stress" is defined as being in a situation where that exceeds your ability or perceived ability to cope. This is different to the obvious excitement of feeling in control leading to the almost zen like state of 'flow' where you feel totally in control of the situation.

When it comes to anxiety there a few steps you can take. Albert Ellis has written some good stuff on this topic. He talks about there being 12 common irrational thoughts that lead to anxiety and unhappiness.

Basically we're usually guilty of the following:
1. ignoring the positive,
2. exaggerating the negative, and
3. overgeneralizing.

Some of the 12 most relevant to trading are:

5. The idea that if something is or may be dangerous or fearsome we should be terribly upset and endlessly obsess about it -- instead of the idea that one would better frankly face it and render it non-dangerous and, when that is not possible, accept the inevitable.

6. The idea that it is easier to avoid than to face life difficulties and self-responsibilities -- instead of the idea that the so-called easy way is usually much harder in the long run.

8. The idea that we should be thoroughly competent, intelligent, and achieving in all possible respects -- instead of the idea that we would better do rather than always need to do well and accept ourself as a quite imperfect creature, who has general human limitations and specific fallibilities.

9. The idea that because something once strongly affected our life, it should indefinitely affect it -- instead of the idea that we can learn from our past experiences but not be overly-attached to or prejudiced by them.

10. The idea that we must have certain and perfect control over things -- instead of the idea that the world is full of probability and chance and that we can still enjoy life despite this.

Have a look at:

Hope that helps



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Nov 19, 2001
Research showed that people in a nursing home that stroked a pussy, or other pet, reduced their stress levels enough to affect their health in a positive manner.

So stroke a pussy, or a dog. You know it makes sense.


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Nov 19, 2001
BBB said:
I've stroked a few dogs in my time. I didn't feel better at all. My mates just laafed at me.

You can include pigs in that as well.
You don't live in Wales among all them sheep do you ?

:eek: :LOL:


Dec 7, 2003
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..on a more serious note, why not just take a break when you experience too much stress.

One of the reasons I trade is to avoid the 9-5 and spending the best years of my life working to make someone else rich.

I dont trade every day at all. I dont feel the need to. I think we are brought up with this 'I must work all the hours God sends' rubbish. Although you've got to put the hours in at the start (probably more than any other profession), later on, you don't necessarily have to trade all the time. Wait for your trade. If the market isn't doing anything or you dont like what you see - do something else. It beats losing money as your ego starts to tell you 'YOU MUST WORK'. If you want to be busy busy busy, go join the 9-5 lot, get on a smelly cramped tube every day blah blah blah.

Trading = freedom! Its supposed to be enjoyable (ok it can be boring at times). Forget the money. Go for quality of life (sure money helps here, but I know people who are very happy, yet dont have a pot to urinate in. Good for them!)
Jan 3, 2004
Nassau, Essex
maximum method + maximum self discipline = minimum stress
This I like - I shall type it up in nice big font and put it up on the wall in front of me.

Mr. Charts

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Sep 18, 2001
Yes, I did.
Any further depth off-line please, Salty.
Have a great w/e

PS I wasn't going to mention this here on t2w, but it is actually relevant. I got the move on IPIX this afternoon and there is no way I could have sat through that gain without the method and the self discipline - am I glad I was trading this afternoon and not coaching ! ;-)))


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Sep 23, 2003
Sorry Bramble, I know you're a bit fragile at the moment, so I really should have chosen my words more sensitively, instead of implying your are a lardy cake.

I cut down on carbs a year ago to stabilise my blood sugar levels, the unexpected benefit was that I completely lost the blues, the stress now just never gets me down, I even laugh at my stupid trades. Alternatively this could be a sign of madness and I might soon be sectioned.