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Hi all

I was wondering if anyone else has tried to place a trade this morning. It seems nothing has been logged and my trade hasn't gone through. - At least as it stands I'm joint 1st :D

Sorry guys n gals.

Now fixed, simple oversight on my part. Should have checked it earlier today. Hope it hasn't caused too much disruption, should be clear sailing now!

thanks for getting it going! I was trying to go 9.9 to 8-ish on a quick MONI short, but I got the centre part of the move, at least!

also on EZJ, there's some good early opportunities each day at present, tho wide spread

Also watching BT, CW, ALM, and SHEL. long.. & VOD for a short
Hey! No share tipping! How am I going to win again if you tell every one what to buy :)
Hey sharks;
I'm trying to add to a trade with the profit already made and running.
Can this be done?

Hi, options... yeah no problem. It's all set up to add to a position. It works out everything for you, so your purchase price will be averaged depending on the price and volume.

Hmmm, I've tried it three times so far without much luck. Looks like I'll have to do it the hard way by selling the lot and then buying 'em back.
Hi options,

I'm a bit confused too... you don't have any cash with which to buy more shares. Hence you can't add to it. I think what you're trying to do is add to the position using the profit made on the trade, but of course that profit is only realised when you sell the shares, and then to buy back minus the spread would defeat the purpose. If you follow me.

Yep, that's right guys. I wanted to add to the position with the profit already accrued. Just thought I could sidestep a few clicks. that's all.
It's not as silly as it first seems.

Hi Sharky, Seems to be an error with SCR as its covered @ 0.00 any chance of covering flat, as i cannot access it.
Cheers Col
get to comp home page and appear to be registered member but how to play?. where is link ot start?
click 'here' under your portfolio on left hand side, and that should get you going.
Bit late to trade now though.

getting started

I had same problem when first using the site, 2 games ago. Try starting during trading hours; it seems to work then, with no probs once you've got going. The help link is the one.

I'm off for hols nr GrandCanyon; see you in June! All the best, you winners! Hope you're using real money as well.
Hi folks, sorry I haven't been available today, will sort things out for Monday. Have a great weekend everyone!