MSN hotmail problem

I have not been able to log into my hotmail account since yesterday. I keep getting the message "page cannot be displayed"

Maybe somebody else has accessed the account, and it is stopping me from doing so. I have since changed the password, but still cannot login with the new password.

Has anybody else had similar problems? Does anybody know the email address for msn to deal with this problem? I have tried to find the email address from and but it is very confusing

logged in ok.

doesnt msn delete hotmail accounts if not accessed for a long time ?
have you recently cleared your cookies, etc ?
thanks trendie

i login almost every delete accounts if inactive for 30 days
will try clearing cookies
I am still unable to login to my hotmail account. Despite repeated emails from an alternative address to MSN I seem to be banging my head against a brick wall. I have had one response from them so far, which was a "standard" response, rather than taking an interest in my particular problem.

As such, I am going cease using hotmail, and use alternative providers from now on.
Pippppin, I still get Hotmail page errors every now and then. I'm unsure exactly why, whether it's due to some IE error, security patch or MSN Passport. Yesterday the IE page locked after I logged out - there is now a new log-out page where you should press "Done" to log out of the Passport fully (after a "third party cookie check" is done). This cookie check seems to sometimes cause my CPU to run at 100% and then the error Page Not Responding is displayed.

A few suggestions to gain access to your account before you finally give up on it:

(1) Make sure you're using the right password, especially if you've just changed it. If you're unsure which one is set, change it again using the secret answer to the password reset question.

(2) Clear your whole IE temporary folder: Tools > Internet Options > Delete Temp Files > Tick delete all offline content > Press Ok.

(3) Go to the Control Panel and find the User Accounts. Click on your account, then on the left in Related Tasks box, click Manage my network passwords. Delete all the Passports listed, apart from Passport.NET\* (Passport).

(4) Now try logging into Hotmail. If you're successful a new Passport should be made.

Hope this helps.
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