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Think Ive seen a couple of them knocking around my trading floor somewhere. Don't have one / never used one myself (although as I stated earlier I've used various others).

GammaJammer, then you have come across the likes of EK or HK, both very good keyboards if you don't have a budget, then there's the Amulet AHK3000, been around some time now, you can use it with two other PC, plus Reuters, and last on the list and the Newest of the bunch is the Mighter MPKB 4050, where you have Reuters, Bloomberg, EBS, and 3 PC all controlled from one Keyboard, you also only need 1 Mouse as the MPKB switch does all the controlling for you. This keyboard is a third cheaper than the Amulet AHK3000, and nearly half the price of the Wey keyboards but it has all the trader needs in a trading keyboard, its Plug and Play, and easy to use, and the big banks are buying them to replace there old Keyboards equipment, so there got to be a reason why, total cost of ownership moght be where the Mighter Keyboards win out.

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At the end of the day those babies are still the size of a flatbed lorry. Happy with my keypad.

I did however see one that had a tiny (like 1.5" sq) telly embedded in it. Now THAT'S overkill ;-)
Hi GammaJammer,

As Keith has promoted Mighter offerings I would like to take the opportunity to keep everyone up to date with the Wey products. We have recently released the EK Light keyboard which is powered from the PC (no boxes or power supplies under the desk), can control 4 PCs and with two EK lights you can contend for (share) any (or all) of the PCs for the cost of a null modem cable.

Keith alluded to the cost of Wey products being high but the EK Light is now more cost effective than any of our competitiors offerings and the Wey range of products is far more extensive than any other company - our MK06 keyboard includes colour LCDs which support video streaming for those of you who are interested. If you want to check them out look try EK Light Overview for the EK Light and MK Overview for the MK. Check the dimensions and you'll find they are not much bigger than standard PC keyboards.

We have a global presence and if you need any further information, just let me know.



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Are you looking for something like this:

Did yo find it?


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I'd love something like that!

Seen nothing on the usual websites though.
Hi. I work for Access IS, the manufacturer of this keypad (our model AKC080). Get in touch if you would like to discuss this.


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Hi. I work for Access IS, the manufacturer of this keypad (our model AKC080). Get in touch if you would like to discuss this.
I'm looking for an Access AKC084 keyboard. How can I get one, from Access-IS, or from other places ? It could be new or used.


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I know this is an old posting, but I have a question. I have a new Wey Multifunctional Keyboard MK06 and Wey Modular Keyboard Connector Box Va + all cables, but have no use for it. Can anyone tell me if there are special platforms to sell such things?


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How much you ask for it? Take it up on ebay, I am sure you'll get rid of this stuff for a couple of days. Had the similar model when was trading with HF. Sold it for 200$ later.
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