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Hello everyone.

I have just started using IBs TWS, and have come across a program called TWS Start which is supposed to automatically start and log into TWS for me.

However, I can get it to start at a specified time using Windows Task Manager, but all it seem to does it start the program, and not TWS... I still have to click "RUN" to get it to log into TWS...which seems to be a bit of a waste of time really.

Am I missing something to get it to actually start TWS?

Thankyou in advance.


OK, thanks.

I'm not very technical, but there is a bit in the documentation for TWS start which says : "To start the Trader Workstation click RUN. You can also create a link to your desktop and add the parameter /A. This will start the Trader Workstation right after TWSStart is executed." Does this mean I can enable to auto-run do you know, and if so where do I type this parameter? On a desktop shortcut??

Thanks for the information on macros, but I dont really want to have to pay for anything... :rolleyes:


Can anyone out there help with this query?

I dont mean to sound ungrateful ref the comments on macros, but I'm not remotely technical and I couldnt understand how to set up the macro - not so it worked for me, anyway. :(

The simplest thing seems to be using TWS start to open AND run, but I just dont understand the instructions I've put in my last post. If someone can explain where I should put the "/A" (assuming that is correct) I would be most grateful (if indeed that will get the application to run once its started)



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Are you using Sierra Charts? If so, save the attached file somewhere change '.txt' to '.bat' and run it from Task Scheduler. This will open the TWS login, then Sierra Charts will take it from there (also run by Task Scheduler).

I allow a minute or 2 for TWS to open before running Sierra Charts.

If not using Sierra, it sounds like you need to add the '/A' switch after the 'TWSStart' filename in Task Scheduler. I guess it will be something like:

'C:\Program Files\TwsStart\TWSStart.exe /A'

Hope this helps, I have another problem with Sierra, but I'll post separately in the hope of a better response.




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TWS start

"C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.1_01\bin\javaw.exe" -jar C:\Jts\jts.jar C:\Jts

Assuming you have installed TWS the default way just make a shortcut and then have the above as the target
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