Three questions for active swing traders


Hi everyone,

I have a three questions for active swing traders regarding an idea I had a few months ago. I actually posted about this before but can't seem to find the thread, and now I am ready and able to work on the idea.

I am creating a voting platform for swing trade stock picks. The platform would list every Nasdaq stock chart, and the stocks with the highest votes would float to the top, reordered daily. The goal is to leverage the power of collective wisdom!

So, my questions are as follows:

  1. Would you find such a platform useful?
  2. What feature ideas should the platform have?
  3. As the quality of stock rankings improves with more voters, I'm thinking about how to spread the word. Any ideas are welcome!
Thank you for your input!
Your previous thread is here:
Your previous thread is here:

Ah thank you. I don't see a deletion button for this post. I will try and combine them and delete one.