New trader question


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Hi everybody,
I'm a newbie to the stock trading game and was wondering what platforms traders are using, which ones seem to do the job the best, for simple day or swing trading, not a lot of technicals, since I'm new. I know there's a few "no fee ones," so I'd be grateful for any input. Thanks.
I use spreadbetting to access the markets. The firm's own platform appears to do everything needed to run trades, and has all the chart features I could possibly imagine being useful. But for those who prefer it they also offer MT4 as a freed alternative.

SB is fine for most trading purposes but the spreads are not the narrowest out there, which can make a difference in very short time-frame trading but no new trader should be jumping straight in there anyway in my opinion. SB is tax-free, there isn't even a reporting/declaration/record-keeping requirement.